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A condom reduces the chance of a pregnancy; but a pregnancy is still possible. For example, the condom might break, or leak. If you suspect there is a pregnancy, you may want to do a pregnancy test.

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Q: What should a girl do if she had a sex and during sex they used condom but she does not has her periods?
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Should a girl kiss a guy before periods or after?


Can a girl get pregnant if you wear a condom and the condom is used effectively and you pull out?

the purpose of a condom is to hold all the semen. as long as the semen is still in the condom and it is disposed of properly, that the girl should be just fine.

Can a girl be pregnant if sex is done during periods?


When is it eayeSt for a girl to get pregnAnt?

When a guy does not use a condom during sexual intercourse.

If you are 13 what are the chances of getting pregnant without using a condom?

It depends if the boy can ejaculate and the girl has started her started periods.

Is it weird for a girl to have a condom?

Not at all. Girls should have condoms in case their lovers do not.

How many periods should a girl have a year?


Why can't a girl bath during periods?

Girls CAN bathe during periods..... I have done it for many years, and I am still alive and healthy!

What should a girl do i she had intercourse with her bf wthout condom will she get pregnant n if she does wht should she do?

If a girl has intercourse without a condom, chances are good that she will get pregnant. If she does and she is scared she can go to a Planned Parenthood office for help or talk to her doctor.

Can a girl release her sperms by fingering during her periods?

Girls do not have sperms.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom rips inside?

Yes, condom rips can let the sperm into the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus where sperm can meet the egg. You should use a condom along with spermicide.

Should a girl be concerned if she has two periods in one month?


During sex the condom came off inside of you?

I guess what you are saying is a girl lost a condom inside of her. Well use fingers to pull it out, no bid deal.

How does a girl get pregenant?

Having sex without a condom can make a girl pregnant as well as not putting on the condom properly, making the condom break.

Can you disvirgin a girl with a condom?


Can you get the girl pregnant if the man rubbed his penis inside the girl's vagina but did not ejaculate without a condom?

i think the man has to ejaculate into the vagina for the girl to become pregnant . but if you are going that far with a man you should always use a condom

Does a girl like a condom during sex?

During sexual intercourse, a girl can hardly feel the difference between bare skin and condom. But she might feel safe if the partner is wearing condom. However some girls are allergic to the latex in standard condoms . Or she may find the latex irritating, especially if she is "too dry".

Can the girl get pregnant if the boy wears a condom and pulls out with the condom on?

If the condom bursts, then yes, she could

Why don't you let the girl bring the condom?

Because it's kind of rude. If you want to have sex then you should bring the condom, but that's just what I think.

Can a girl get pregnant of sperm is on the condom?

If it's ON the condom instead of IN the condom that means it's inside the girl and the sperms can start swimming, so yes.

Can a girl be pregnant if your condom slipped off during intercourse but you didn't come?

It depends on if he pre comes.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you wear a condom?

No, unless the condom breaks, then yes.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy uses a condom?

Only if the condom brakes!

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom came off in the girl after sex after he ejaculated?

Absolutely. The condom is filled with millions of sperm that can get out of the condom if it's left inside her. That's why you should withdraw immediately after ejaculation; otherwise, as you "shrink," the condom can slip off, exposing her to pregnancy risks and to any sexually transmitted diseases you have.

Can you have intercourse with a girl with condom for first time?

Yes! Always use a condom during intercourse. That is the only way males can protect themselves from becoming a parent and get STI's.