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Q: What should be done today to ensure that gold is available in the future generations?
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Should Cantonese be kept?

Yes, Cantonese should be preserved as it is an important language with a rich cultural heritage and history. Efforts should be made to promote and protect the language to ensure it continues to thrive for future generations.

Why should heritage sites be protected?

For future generations to admire.Rate This Answer

What affect will animal testing have on future generations?

Animal testing will affect future generations because it will waste future tax dollars that should go to schools, works, and the rest of the community.

How can you protect your environment for future generations?

The best way to protect your environment for future generations is to clean it. You should pick up trash even if it is not yours you can save the water also

Why should you take good care of animals?

So that the animals can be present in the future generations.

Why you should use your energy resources in sustainable manner?

To ensure its adequate and uninterrupted supply for coming generations

Should humans have a right to do whatever they want to the world?

No, humans should not have the right to do whatever they want to the world. It is important to consider the impact of our actions on the environment, other species, and future generations to ensure sustainability and preservation of the planet. Regulations and ethical guidelines should be in place to protect the Earth and its resources.

Why should you protect land?

Land is a valuable natural resource -- what we have today is all we are ever going to have, at least in the forseeable future. If we abuse it or misuse it future generations will suffer.

Who are the people that should practice conservation?

All people should practice conservation of energy, water, paper, transportation, ... etc for the benefit of environment and future generations.

Why you should protect nature?

Protecting nature is essential to ensure the health and well-being of ecosystems, wildlife, and humans. Nature provides essential resources such as clean air, water, and food, supports biodiversity, and plays a key role in regulating the Earth's climate. By protecting nature, we are safeguarding our own future and that of future generations.

ITIL Which role should ensure that process documentation is current and available?

Service owner

What are the tracks in professor Layton and the lost future?

Google: Professor Layton Lost Future Review on the internet, this should lead you to all the tracks available.