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first of all choose whether u want to right about amateur radios or about the staellite communication.

then tell how it is important and what all are its uses...

then how can they help during disaster

what is the equipment used

then qoute a few examples of how they have helped in such situations and finally conclude by saying how necessary they are and that they should be promoted by th govt.

you can get help from and

you can get the prepared project on ""

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Communication facilities for Disaster Management

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Q: What should i do to prepare a project on communication facilities used during disaster management?
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What organizations in japan help prepare for natural disasters?

The red cross society and the Asia Pacific Disaster Management Center offer courses on disaster preparedness and management.

What kind of crisis' do they prepare you for in disaster management training?

Disaster management training also known as emergency management training prepares you for all kinds of disasters from earthquakes, weather disasters, animal disaters, small business disasters. See the FEMA

How do you prepare a disaster management contingency plan?

it requires a map of any area for which u r making plan. we should be aware of all the resouses available in case of any disaster. see all the places of exit.. all wiring n by makin the survey prepare disaster contongency plan...

Slogans on disaster management?

These are slogans related to disaster management:· Wishing won't keep you safe, safety will.· Inculcating your life with disaster management is better than replacing your life.· Disaster Management is our goal…what's yours?· Be safe…or you'll miss the 'Welcome home.'· Those who work the Disaster Management way, live to work another day.· Safety is a race we can all win.· Disaster Management starts with 'D' but begins with 'YOU'.· Life didn't begin by accident…don't end it as one!· Disaster management is like breathing, if you don't, you die.· Disaster management is a preparation of mind - accidents is an absence of mind.· Disaster management today…. alive tomorrow.· Fires that are small soon will be tall!· Earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do.

What are some ways that you can think of that a person might prepare for a disaster such as an earthquake?

A Disaster Pack

How do I prepare a Pocket guide on first aid for disaster management?

I'd go to the American Red Cross for this sort of thing. They have a variety of first aid guides for the layman. They also have some disaster response and planning information as well. You can also get some great reference material from

How can people prepare for disaster?

People can prepare for disaster in a variety of ways. Having a previously established plan, with escape routes, meeting points, and shelter places are all effective ways to prepare for disasters.

Why its important to prepare for natural disaster?

To reduce losses.

Prepare a Disaster Contingency Plan of your homecommunity?

download it

Where can I find a diaster management company? is the official website for the federal emergency management company. On the website you can apply for assistance or learn how to plan for a distaster. Emergency & Disaster Management Inc. can help your company prepare for the worst scenarios. You can learn more about their service online at

How do you preparedenees for a disasters?

how do you prepare for a disaster? depending on the disaster different methods can be carried out... a physical disaster such a hurricane, tornado, flood or an emotional disaster such as lost love and or loved one...?

Where can I get a project management certification ?

If you are looking to get a project management certification the UC Irvine Extension offers a terrific program . Their course will prepare you to sit for the project Management Professional Exam.