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Find a sneaky way of passing notes... at least make it so the teacher can't see you passing them!

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Q: What should teacher do if students don't want to talk?
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How should you talk back to your teacher but not get in trouble?

Ask her abunch of questions and dont stop.

What should you do when your band teacher gets mad?

just be silent dont talk back and pretend to be respectful

What is the furture tense of talk?

will talk / going to talk. I will talk to the students this afternoon. The teacher is going to talk to us a bout the exams.

Why can't students talk in class?

Students shouldn't talk in class because they would discuss offtopic things that would distract them from their school work. Talking should only be allowed if it is relating to the subject of which the teacher has been discussing.

Why shouldn't i talk back to my teacher?

no you should talk back to your teacher the teacher's love it when you do that and you won't get in big trouble if you talk back when you don't talk back to a teacher it makes them very angry

How should teacher talk to students?

well thet should be knid and give them lllooooaaadddssss of sweetsxx That above is a bad example of what people think should happen. In my opinion, a teacher should vary moods a little. Be calm and cheerful. Do not accuse someone of something they haven't done. Gather the proof and evidence before you fling accusations about. Help a student out. Don't focus on one child, look at them all. Be a role model to students. Roxana Brough ;)

What is a sentence for proceed?

"Dont talk and PROCEED with your test!" said the teacher

How to impress your teacher without being a teacher's pet?

sit still, and listen dont fiddle with stuff ,dont talk face forward, dont turn around and dont get out of ur seat on pupose and for no reason. Also dont be silly and talk like a robot or any thing else

What are the 3 biggest lies at school?

that students respect the teachers that students learn that sudents listening in class that students were good that students are nice that students dont chew gum that students dont bring there phones to class that students do there hw that students care about there grades that students study for tests that students hate to get a F or D on a test that students dont talk in class that students love there teachers that students want to go to school that students try that students dont wear short shorts that students dont swear that students dont get in trouble that students try anything to not get a detention

How do you do an introduction for an assignment?

You should talk about what the students are going to learn from the assignment. You should then talk about what they need to do.

My dad is alcoholic and mentally abusing What should I do?

Seek out a family member to talk to about this. If you dont have a family member consider a local childrens charity or even a teacher

How do you form Show Choir at school?

talk to your music teacher at school and try to get support from other students