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What should the height and weight be of an 18 month old baby girl?


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18 month old babies can average 25 pounds, but this can vary quite a bit.


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It should be between 9 to 13 kg mostly depends on the height of the baby

A 19 month old boy should weigh between 22.4 and 27.5 lbs. He should be 31.7 to 34.3 inches tall.

It all depends on the babies genes, height, and weight. So look at those factors and see !

The correct height of a 6 month baby is probably 72 foot and cos im nice il tell u the correct weight which is 345 stone =-)

the average height should be 26 inches long of 6 months old baby

The average height of a 3-month-baby is around 23 in.

The average weight of 15 month baby girl is 23.36 pounds.

To accurately answer your question, I would need to know the child's height. However, overall, the average weight for a 5 month old baby would range between 12# - 15#.

I looked it up and found that the average weight of a 20 month old is 25.35 pounds.

A healthy baby ranges from 17-26 pounds, and 27.6-31.5 inches.

Of course, the height of a 9 month old baby can vary. However, the average is usually 30-33 inches in height.

Betwenn 8 and 12 pounds, also depending on the weight at birth, and how many inches he or her is now.

Your baby will begin adding on a small amount of weight each month. The closer you are to the due date the more weight the baby gains. In the fifth month they can add a pound a month to their weight.

17 pounds is the average weight for a 10 month old baby

The baby should weight about 16.5 pounds and around 26 inches long.

it usually varies- but the height of a baby when it is one year old, times 3 is the height it will be when its an adult... TRUE fact!!!

An average 16-month-old baby boy is about 34 inches tall.

The average weight of a 14 month old baby girl is about 18.7 (8.5kg) pounds up to 28.6 pounds (13kg).

the child should be ne where between 20-30 lbs.. at a eight months...

they usually don't weigh alot. just depending on how much you eat that gets to the baby.

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