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What should tire pressure be for 99 vw beetle?

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check the driver door, driver door frame, or inside the gas fill cap for a label telling you what your tire pressure should be.

2005-03-29 07:38:16
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What is the correct tire pressure for a 99 ford explorer?


What tire pressure for 05 Nissan patrol?

Front Tyres should be 29PSI and rear 36PSI on all models of patrol GR 99 - 06

What is Tire Pressure 99 Lumina?

The proper pressure for you vehicle's tires will be listed on the label on the driver side door jamb.

My 99 Beetle is hesitating?

There are a number of reasons why your 99 VW New Beetle might be hesitating including overheating. Your Beetle might also have a leak in one of the fluids.

What should the fuel pressure be on a 99 neon?


Where is the pressure test port on the fuel on 99 Chevy suburban?

under hood, on fuel rail which is connected to each fuel injector there should be a valve that looks like a tire valve. That is the shrader valve, test fuel pressure there.

What is the correct winter tire pressure for a 99 Saturn?

Check the tires. It is embossed on the tire. You can also check inside the driver door jamb. There are labels there. Typically it is 32 to 35 PSI.

1999 VW beetle keeps overheating?

my 99 vw2.0 L beetle over heat

What type of gas should you use on 99 volkswagen beetle bug?

unleaded gasoline. 87 octane or the lowest grade.

Tire pressure for grand marquis 99 model 16 inch alloy rims?

Listed in your owner's manual, and on the driver's door post.

How do you change a headlight on a 2003 volkswagen beetle bug?

It should be the same as a '99. See here:

How much should it cost to replace an AC compressor in a 99 VW beetle?

I just had mine replaced in my '98 beetle. It was $682.84 for compressor, $474.18 A/C clutch & $14.99 refrigant, $244.20 labor

99 vw beetle speedometer not working?

well fix it then it will work !!

What size speakers go in the door of a 99 vw beetle?


How do you change the tire 99 mercury cougar?

Replacing the tire on a 99 mercury cougar is fairly easy. Jack up the car, remove the rim bolts and the tire will come off. Put on new one and reassemble.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2007 Subaru Forester with original tires?

For most cars the correct info is in the owners manual, but also there should be a decal either on the glovebox door or the driverside doorjam. DO NOT READ IT OFF THE TIRE! That is wrong 99% of the time! The pressure indicated on the tire is the pressure required for the tire's MAXIMUM load rating. Most car do not load the tires anywhere near that weight. Also, a "radial" tire (most all are) when it is properly inflated, will bulge the sidewall next to the pavement. This is normal. Many people try to add air to make it go away. Not good, less traction and rougher ride.

What is 99''of static pressure equal to in hg?

what is 99'' of static pressure equal to in hg(mercury)

my blood pressure is 159/99 is this life threatening?

blood pressure 159 over 99 is this dangerous?

How many gallons of gas does a 99 new beetle hold?

14.5 gal

What size tires are on a 99 Chevy Venture?

Look on the stick where the driver's door closes that shows the gross vehicle weight, etc. It will tell tire size and recommended pressure.

Will 03 VW Beetle rims fit on a 99 vw passat?

Sadly, They Won't. The Beetle is a 5x100 mm Bolt Pattern, the Passat is 5X112.

What is Tire size for 99 Buick century?


What weight of motor oil should you use in a 99 beetle?

Gas: 5W30 synthetic, gasoline-rated oil. Diesel: 5W40 synthetic, diesel-rated oil.

How do you reset tire pressure light on 2004 Toyota 4 runner?

turn on key and depress the reset button. let tire light flash 3 times and turn it off. this resets the 98/99 sienna. it may also work on the forerunner

What is wrong with your 99 beetle it is bad on gas its a 2 liter whats wrong?