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You should help them, also tell them they are ok but they have fainted.

Lay the fainted person on his/her back and elevate the legs (Use a chair or a bench). Check for a pulse (if there is a pulse still read on) either one you need to open the airway, if not begin CPR (give 3 breathes into the mouth, and 30 pumps to the chest, check for pulse and repeat) But before you begin CPR call 999/911/000 etc and ask for emergency help, follow the rest of that and you should be fine, If none of the above work, if the person is breathing put alcohol under nose.

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Q: What should you do if someone faints?
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What should you not do if someone faints?

Get a wet towel and place it on the person's forehead. you should not pat them on the back.

Should you leave someone lying on the floor if they faint and hit their head?

if someone hits their head and faints you should always leave them lying on the floor because he or she might faint again

What do you do if someone faints?

you call someone for help and try to wake the person (who fanited).

What is it called when someone faints?

the medical term is syncope

What does someone standing near your faints mean?

i think that when someone feels very depressed or anxcious about himself

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WHere ie Zapdos if he faints?


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What should the phlebotomist do if a patient faints in chair while drawing their blood?

withdrawn the needle immediately. and have patient lower the head. call for help. inform to supervisor.