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Well if you have been dating this guy for two months not and he swears at you and doesn't treat you that way your boyfriend should, then you should sit down and talk to him and ask him why he isn't opening up to you! If he doesn't open up to you and continues to not compliment you and swear at you then you should leave him. You never know if the swearing my turn into hitting, he could end up abusing you, you just don't know yet! But i would try to talk to him first! You stop dating him and find someone who doesn't swear at you and does compliment you. Simple enough?

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He is still on dating sites after 2 months of dating?

well he souldn't be on dating sites if he is dating unless hes about to brak up

Is pat kordyback dating?

yes he's dating a woman in Toronto... they've been dating for about 6 months!

Does Ann martin write back to her fans?

Yes she does. She is extremely respectful of people's feelings, but it takes a little over 3 months for her to write back. You have to understand, she's a busy person!

When does a cat reach mating feelings?

Males at about 4 months and females at about 6 months on average.

Is Holly Madison dating Chris Angel?

They where dating for about 4 months but have now broke up.

Who is kenney chesney dating?

He may be dating Mandy Morales. He was spotted with her in cool springs, but that was a few months ago and there is no really evidence they are dating. :)

Is Jamie Lynn Spears dating Sean Flynn?

No, she is dating Casey Aldridge, and is 12 months pregnant by him.

Is Miley Cyrus still dating Laim?

yes they have been dating for 9-10 months now

Is shay Mitchel dating keegan Allen?

yes, they have been dating for over 4 months now.

Chaska Borek dating Chicharito Hernandez?

yes they've been dating for a couple of months now

Is Chaska Borek dating Chicharito Hernandez?

Yes, they've been dating for the past couple months

Does the law on dating limits come down to months and days?

There are no laws about dating. Laws about sexual contact do count days and months difference. Less than 3 years difference means 36 months, not just the years.

Is carnell breeding dating?

Carnell Breeding is dating singer Miki's little cousin Desiree. They've been dating for 8 months already.

Is Nathen Kress secretly dating Jeanette McCurdy?

Yes, they are dating they are really doing great together they have been dating for a few months now!

Why are girls updating months as status in facebook?

Its most likely how many months that they have been dating their boyfriend

Are the months of the year abstract nouns?

They are proper nouns as they are not feelings or ideas.

What is a relationships first kiss?

wait a few months of dating him/her

Are casey carlson and Matt giraud dating?

Yes, he's been dating Casey quitely for a few months.

How long has Justin bieber and Selena Gomez been dating?

They've been dating for about 5 or 6 months.

Is Justin bieber dating laday gaga?

No, they are not. He is currently dating Selena Gomez and have been for nearly 5 months.

If you and your boyfriend broke up some 4 months ago and now you're dating someone else but in doing so you realized you still have feelings for your ex what would you do?

You shopuld ask yourself is it fair on your current boyfriend if you are not completely committed to the relationship and still have feelings for your ex. Maybe it is too soon after your break-up to have another relationship and you still have some feelings that you need time to deal with.

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