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I have experienced this very recently. The doctors did not know what I had, they were thinking the mumps, then some other disease very similar to the mumps, and all the antibiotics that they were giving me was not working. We soon found out that I had cat scratch fever. If you have cats or have been scratched by a cat in your facial area, this is most likely what it is. It is not contagious, and the lumps will be there for 2-4 months. Bring this up with your doctor because I got a special medicine that helped the lump go down quite a bit. Hope this helps!

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โˆ™ 2008-12-25 05:19:25
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Q: What should you do if you have two hard set lumps about 2 inches behind your ear?
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What could a 1-inch-sized hard fixed lump 2 inches behind the left ear on a 14-year-old be?

It could simply be a knot of bone and ligament where the ligaments for the neck join the back of the head. I had a similar lump behind my right ear and the doctor said it was normal. There is a line from ear to ear around the middle of the back of everyone's head apparently where these ligaments attach. Lumps on that line are not unusual and what's more, these lumps can migrate along the line during the course of your life. Obviously go see a doctor though. But if your doctor is unconcerned I wouldn't worry about it. It can also be a swollen gland signifying they are fighting an infection. It doesnt mean they have a fully developed one.

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