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check the lines that run to the sensors for a short. the trunk and hood usually have a switch and the doors are usually hooked to the dome light circuit. if you have a motion sensor try lowering the sensitivity

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Q: What should you do if your alarm goes off for no reason?
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Why is the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer car alarm going off for no reason?

my alarm goes off at random times. i had the alarm module changed for $700 and it still goes off. come home from work at 4 and it goes off at 10. before the alarm module was changed it went off at 12, 2 and 4 in the morning.

Does 2000 Lincoln Continental alarm system have a fuse?

What is your problem? Is it because the alarm goes off for no reason? If it is I had the same problem and can help you.

How do you turn off the car alarm on a rav4it goes off all the time for NO reason?

There should be a switch down on the left firewall, where your left foot sits while driving

How do you test the alarm on your vectra?

Test is for what? To see if it works? OR To see why it goes off for no apparent reason?

How long does the beeping of the alarm clock last when it goes off?

An alarm clock will typically beep for about an hour when it goes off. This is if the alarm is not turned off first.

Fire alarm going off don't know what to do?

You should always contact the fire department if a fire alarm is going off, even if there is no fire. There is a reason the alarm is going off. Stay safe.

Why does My 1998 lasabre alarm goes off for no reason?

There could be a problem with the wiring in your Lesabre alarm system. The sensor may be too sensitive or the wires may be crossed.

How do I turn off alarm in 95 Nissan Pathfinder when it won't crank When I disconnect the battery the alarm goes off when I connect the battery the alarm comes back on?

Try turning your key in drivers door to unlock, should reset the alarm

Why would alarm go off for no reason?

well, your clock goes off usually if you set it. i have mine go off or not go off when i want it to. it is very strange but sometimes you might get ghosts if you believe them. or ut alarm clock is not working right.

2000 neon factory alarm goes off for no apparent reason Any ideas?

Check the door light switches. One could be going bad and triggering the alarm.

If my car alarm goes off could it set others off?

Depending on how loud your alarm is,it is possible that it may set off another cars alarm.

What stays when it goes off?

Easy, an alarm.

The horn goes off and the lights flash on my suburban for no reason and i have NO alarm on the truck what's goin on?

I have the same problem started today.

What is a reason you might take your child out of a movie?

Child is crying, Film is not suitable, the fire alarm goes off, They need the loo

Alarm goes off for no reason on 2001 Honda Accord?

I had this same problem with my Honda. I figured out through a process of elimination that the door remotes lost part of their signal to turn the alarm off. The solution? Search Wiki for how to reprogram your remote key fob. This will restore the signal coding to properly unlock and turn off your alarm. Just reprogram the remotes and this should solve your problem.

2002 vw beetle alarm goes off automatically?

Automobile alarms are supposed to go off automatically. An automobile alarm that goes off unintentionally can be caused by a malfunctioning sensor.

Why does a 1999 Lincoln Continental have its anti-theft alarm go off on a hot day?

The likely reason why the alarm in a 1999 Lincoln Continental goes off on hot days is because warm air flow triggers the sensors. You can deactivate the alarm by unlocking the car.

1998 Mercury Mountaineer theft alarm goes off for no apparent reason any body know why?

sometimes it is due to a weak battery.

Why Toyota sequoia alarm go off for no reason?

the alarm must of been faulty so i think you should get it checked because that is not really normal hope this helps

How do you reset or turn off the alarm system on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron convertable?

I, too, have a 1995 LeBaron and I bought it did not come with a user's manual. The alarm has gone off a few times for no reason. I found that the only way to turn it off is by unlocking the driver's door with the key, even if the door is already unlocked. I also noticed that it goes off for no reason when I lock the doors with the lock switch on the inside and shut the door and the alarm set icon illuminates and stays on for a little bit. Sometimes I lock the doors from the inside and shut the driver's door and the alarm icon will blink...then the alarm is fine and will not go off for no reason. When the icon does not blink, instead it stays illuminated and then, after a few moments, darkens, then be ready to race out to the car when the alarm goes off. I wish I could disable it or figure out exactly how it works.

What does the electromagnet do in a fire alarm?

the electromagnet makes the door close when a fire alarm goes off

99 Cadillac catera alarm goes off everytime door is opened?

I had the same problem with my 98 cadillac catera. I was told to manually open the door with the key and it should should off. Mine works on occasion. So when you go to open your door and the alarm goes off shut the door lock it and then unlock it manually again.

How do you reset fob for 2001 Toyota Avalon?

Car alarm goes off for no reason on 2001 Toyota Avalon. Is there is a reset button to solve this problem?

Why does my fire alarm go off when I blow dry my hair?

because it probably has a heat detector in the alarm therefor it goes off.

How do you deactivate the alarm for a 1996 Dodge Avenger?

i have a 1999 avenger and my alarm would go off for no reason at all so what i did was take out the fuses for the alarm and the horn and it seem to work. (fyi after doing so your alarm will not work) if your alarm goes off and you do not have a remote- put your key in the passenger side door and turn it to the left... it will turn off the alarm... OR I think i tried the passenger door and it would not work for me. I know that you can unlock the trunk and it will disarm.