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What should you do if your date of birth is wrong on your Kukkiwon certificate and card?

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I'd discuss it with my teacher first. It shouldn't make a major difference in most cases, unless the age is off by more than a year or two. And you can always contact the Kukkiwon and make arrangements to have it re-issued, but the cost and time may not be worth the effort.

I would wait until my next test and correct the information then.

[Supervisor's note: this question was edited to remove "WTF" since the World Taekwondo Federation is the sport governing body, and has nothing to do with rank certificates.]

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Where can you change your age in burth certificate?

You can't change your age on your BIRTH certificate unless you can actually prove that the date on the BIRTH certificate is wrong.

Can you remove wrong name from birth certificate?


Your name is wrong on your birth certificate how do you change that your dad id decease your mom last name is wrong on your birth certificate how do you correct your name?

The name on my birth certificate is not the name I have been using all my life how do I correct this. thanks Jim

Your name wrong on your birth certificate how do you correct that?

Bad news: Whatever it says on your birth certificate is your legal name. Good news: You can obtain a court-ordered name change and then correct your birth certificate.

Is it legal to possess someone else's birth certificate?

There is nothing wrong with that at all. The thing you cannot do is to present someone else's birth certificate as if it is yours.

How do you tell you are not Catholic when they are?

on your birth certificate it will say if you have been baptised or not. this may be wrong

How can you fix your wrong birth place in your children that born in Korea?

how can i fix my own birth place in my children birth certificate that born in korea

What if one put the wrong father on a birth certificate?

then you arent very smart now,are you?

How do you change a typographical error on a birth certificate?

YOu have to contact the Office of vital statistics in the state where the birth certificate was issued. Depending on the error they will tell you what to do. I had a similar situation in which my husbands date of birth was wrong on our daughters birth certificate. We had to get a certified copy of my husband's birth certificate and then I had to write a letter asking for the change and it had to be notarized! It was a pain but those are the hoops we jumped through. Hope this helps!

If a birth certificate has the wrong father name can you change it?

Yes, it can be changed after paternity of the biological father has been established by the courts, you fill out a change of birth certificate affidavit and send it in with your court documents to the bureau of vital statistics stating who the real father is and the birth certificate will then be changed.

Can a mother get into trouble from the law when she put her boyfriends name on the birth certificate and when she actually new who the real father was and the real father wants to be on on it?

No, it is not illegal to put the wrong name on a birth certificate. However, the biological father has the legal right to add his name to the birth certificate if he can prove that he is the child's father.

Is there a law that's says if two parents of a child are married to other people the birth father can not sign the birth certificate?

No. The real parents sign the birth certificate of their child unless they refuse, I think. So sorry if I'm wrong!

What can you do if your son birthday is wrong?

For birth certificate fix any good date to remember and get your official documents

Can the father's name be removed from the child's birth certificate?

Legally, a parent can only change wrong information on a birth record, and even then, it's difficult to do. Parents who dislike or hate each other cannot remove the other parent's name from a birth certificate.

Can the mother take off the father's name off the birth certificate?

No. Legally, a parent can only change wrong information on a birth record, and even then, it's difficult to do. Parents who dislike or hate each other cannot remove the other parent's name from a birth certificate.

Am I legally responsible for changing my name on my child's birth certificate if the mother has put someone elses name on it?

It is unlawful to purposely enter the wrong information on a birth certificate. The birth certificate is part of the Vital Public Record, a legal document, and it should indeed be an accurate and factual document.If the mother knowingly put the wrong name on the birth record she could be prosecuted. If you know of the fraud and don't do anything about it you are part of the problem. You should call or visit the town or county clerk's office to ask how the error can be resolved. You may be able to file an amendment with proof of paternity. Of course the situation is further complicated by people who are careless about parenthood. The child is entitled to your support and to know the name of their biological father.Generally, in any other case but adoption, to amend the birth certificate involves filing a form (notarized) with the state who then send it back to the County Clerks' offices, and the amendment is attached to the original. Changes are not made to the original birth certificate except in the case of adoption.

mother and father information and child last name is wrong on birth certificate how can we change it?

You need to go to the state court house

Do you have to pay to change birth certificate if the mother of your child put the wrong name on it?

Yes if you want to have it changed you have to go to court and prove you are the father.

If parent of child is wrong name on birth certificate when child becomes adult can you change parent name and collect child support?

No. What you suggest is not possible.

Do you need a birth certificate to travel to costa rica?

I don't think so I think all you need is just a passport to travel but I maybe wrong

What does signing the birth certificate mean?

By signing a birth certificate you are stating that you are the parent and waving right to a paternity or maternity test. or signing you up as a commercial vessel into the sea of commerce, down a berthing canal to go and try and make the man money... our parents in signing the birth certificate unwittingly signed our rights away to be held by the state. we are then brought into "dock" when we do something wrong. A birth certificate is a powerful document that is used to trade and they are held in a trust holding with you being the unknown beneficiary of all that is within that trust. see

What did President Obama do that was wrong?

There are different opinions for what President Obama has done that was wrong. Some people will say nothing, and some will say Affordable Healthcare, the way Benghazi was handled, him not producing an acceptable birth certificate, and many other things were wrong.

What if the wrong father is put on the birth certificate?

If the mother knew she can be charged with fraud. The biological dad would have to go to court and prove paternity and then sign his name.

Can the mother of the child change her child's birth record?

Legally, a parent can only change wrong information on a birth record, and even then, it's difficult to do. Parents who dislike or hate each other cannot remove the other parent's name from a birth certificate.

Can some one other than the biological father sign the birth certificate?

At the time of the birth only the biological father can sign the birth certificate. If someone else signs claiming to be the father they would be providing false information on an official record. It is illegal to provide false information on a birth certificate. You would need to check the laws in your jurisdiction to determine the penalties and they can be severe. In one jurisdiction any person who willfully and knowingly makes any false statement in a birth certificate can be fined up to ten thousand dollars or face imprisonment of five years, or both. The longer the fraud goes on the harsher the penalties. This situation must be addressed immediately and the parties should consult with an attorney to determine how it should be approached and how the birth record can be cleaned before it harms the child. It should be noted that in rare cases, someone may do this with good intentions when the biological father is completely out of the picture for some reason. It is still wrong and will create a false genealogy record for the child. That action should be approached with caution and not taken lightly.