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If there is no outlet currently, you will need to have one wired to that location. If the box and wires are in place, yet the recepticle itself is missing, just wire it up.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-23 16:37:22
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Q: What should you do if your range outlet is missing?
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Can you plug a 110V appliance into a 115V outlet?

You should have no problem as long as the pug fits into the outlet. Common house hold voltages range up to 120V.

What is cooking range outlet?

It is a receptacle outlet wired into a home with the capacity to handle the amperage rating of the range. The cord on the range plugs into this receptacle to receive its power supply so that the range can operate.

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How high off the floor should a range outlet box be?

As close to the floor as possible, or on the floor. Remember you want the range to sit back against the wall. So you must mount the outlet so it goes into the opening at the bottom of the stove. Otherwise when you plug it in, the plug will hit the back of the stove.

What is 240 volt outlet?

An electrical outlet that has 240 volts available for like an electric dryer or electric cooking range.

Can you tap into a 40 amp electric range outlet for a 15 or 20 amp wall outlet?

no. the breaker is hazard

What is range in cooling tower?

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What is the acceptable range of ac voltage at an outlet?

The acceptable range of ac voltage at an outlet is from 115 to 120 volts. The utility company has a mandate to keep the voltage within a 10% fluctuation range. The catch is 10% from what set point voltage.

Can you plug 120 volt appliances into 127 volt outlet?

The voltage range should be marked on the appliance but 127 v is ok for a 120 v appliance.

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How high should an outlet be for an undermount microwave?

48" to top of outlet box from the floor.

Can you convert a dryer three prong outlet to a range three prong outlet?

Probably not. The reason is the amperage required by the electric range. They typically require 50 amp whereas a dryer normally only requires 30 amp. Therefore, the wiring feeding the dryer is not large enough to support an electric range. Your range should be wired with #6 or 8 gauge wire, whereas your dryer is likely only wired with # 10 gauge which will not carry 50 amps.

What type of outlet needed for a elect range 30 amp or 50 amp?


When wiring a range the outlet has a neutral ground and 2 hots you have three wires do you put the bare wire in the neutral or ground on the outlet?

the bare copper is always a ground

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Will a 115 volt plug into a 110 outlet?

Yes, the range is 110 volts to 120 volts.

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Should an all-in-one scanner be plugged into the wall outlet?

No reason not to as long as the wall outlet is the correct voltage. most are designed to be plugged into a 110v outlet.

Why 4 prong dryer instead of 3 prong dryer cord?

Because the ground is missing in a three prong, the appliance uses a ground strap off the neutral if the ground wire is missing. New codes require a 4 prong outlet if the electrical is being installed new. Remember, if you use a 4 prong, the outlet must be a 4prong outlet, this means it must have 2-hots, 1-neutral, 1-ground. If the outlet does not have these then there is no use having a 4 prong plug on the appliance.

Does this just plug in an outlet?

You can plug the air conditioner into any outlet in your home, however you should get an outlet strip to protect against power surges. Yes, this HDTV plugs into a normal electrical outlet or power strip.

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Can you plug a 240V oven range into a European outlet?

You might be able to plug in a 240V American oven range into a European outlet depending on the type of plug. SomeÊAmerican high-powered appliancesÊhave 3 or 4 pins, which may require adapters to plug into European outlets.

does the outlet for the dishwasher have to be on the same side of the garbage disposal drainage outlet?

Yes the outlet for the dishwasher should be on the same side as the disposal,so the disposal can handle the waste water from the dishwasher.