What should you do in case of a flood?

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Move furniture and valuables to a safe location.
by trey D. Walk, swim, ride a bike, or drive a car through flood water to escape.
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What should you do in case of a zombie outbreak?

Get out your shotgun and run into a shack or a basement either one works really. Wow worst answer is above. You'll get trapped and die. Stay in multi story buildings. Actually, go get a weapon like a knife or a pistol and find survivors or cover your windows with planks or even a bed.You ( Full Answer )

Should homes be built in flood zones?

No. I would like to get technical for just a minute. Everything is in aflood zone. There are different category ratings by FEMA, A,B, andC. The letters represent how often these zones will likely flood.One zone is for 100 years. One zone means it is likely to floodoften. In the Delta of Mississippi, ( Full Answer )

What should people do in case of a drought?

In the event of a drought, the main focus is to conserve water asmuch as possible. You should take shorter showers, turn sprinklersoff, and not run hoses.

What precautions should be taken during floods?

There are several precautions that need to be taken during a flood.A few precautions are is to have a battery operated radio, evacuateasap, never cross any water in a car or by foot, and if a car isstuck, leave the car.

What should you do in case of an earthquake?

well in the science book i have now it says that you should drop, cover, and hold and if you are at school your teacher might say to get under the table or desk.i dont know if this is correct. but if your looking what do to do if your outside i honestly dont know get under a door way or under the st ( Full Answer )

What should you do in a flood?

if theres a flood . you should hop in the water and hold your breath , and if you cant do that your skrewed

Where should you buy an iPhone case?

I recommend checking out onu-mall.com,which is a brand online storecooperating with worldwide wholesaler and drop-ship in cell phoneaccessories and repair parts for Apple and Samsung and otherconsumer electronics since 2008. They have a huge variety ofcompetitive iPhone cases and accessories in all ( Full Answer )

What should people do in case of a tsunami?

Do not run towards the newly exposed ocean floor . Do not run towards the newly exposed ocean floor . Do not run towards the newly exposed ocean floor . Do not run towards the newly exposed ocean floor . Head for high ground immediately . Do not try and collect small valubles prior to heading o ( Full Answer )

What should you do in case of a Drought?

In case of a drought do not go out side of your house go to the safetiest place in your house And to prevent it grow more trees develop rainwater harvesting by jymadhunisha

What should you do in case of a tire blowout?

Gradually release the accelerator, bringing down the speed of your vehicle and maneuver your wheel to keep control and steer towards where you would like to go also never slam on the brakes worst thing you can do and never completely release the accelerator then once you made your stop to where you ( Full Answer )

Should you buy a car that was in a flood?

no not unless they repaired it well because it could've screwed up the engine ----- The problems that i have found with "flood cars" hasn't normally been in the engines. The main problem has been electrical problems. All of the connections and plug ins have been saturated and in time the process ( Full Answer )

In case of an emergency what should be your priority?

Your personal safety is ALWAYS your first priority. If the scene becomes unsafe, GET AWAY! If not, now there are two victims and if you were the only rescuer, who is going to help you and the original victim. Next priority is the safety of bystanders. Then, you always check the following in this ord ( Full Answer )

What should one do when there is a drowning case?

If you know to how to swim, immediatly rescue the person, if not, call a lifeguard for help. After rescuing, if the swimmer is unconscious, perform Abdominal thrust.

What should you do if a flood is predicted?

Protecting Family . Listen to a local news station using a battery-powered portable radio so you can receive the latest weather updates and follow the emergency instructions or procedures recommended. Whether you'll be evacuating or waiting out the flood at home, gather a kit of emergency supplie ( Full Answer )

What should you do to stay safe during a flood?

the first rule of flood safety is move to higher ground and stay away from flood waters i can keep my family and i safe during a flood by reaching high ground, making sure you have a survival kit handy, and listening to the radio for updates

What should you do in case of a dust storm?

First, take shelter inside. Once you are inside, close and lock doors and windows tightly. Then, seal the cracks around the windows and doors with wet towels and cloths to keep as much dust and dirt out as you can. If you are stuck outside, face away from the oncoming wind. Cover your eyes, nose, a ( Full Answer )

What should you do in case of burns?

Ok if it is a minor burn and the skin has not broken: Run it under running water (tap is fine) for 15 minutes Apply a hydrogel such as Solosite Apply an Opsite clear patch over it and leave it on until it falls off You can take paracetamol for pain relief when required If it is a major b ( Full Answer )

What should be done in case of toothache?

In toothache should be using warm water with iodine salt dissolved in it. Gargal for several times in a day. It wil reduce the pain with certain amount. Immediately consult your doctor

What should you do in case of a blizzard?

You should have a weather radio or scanner that uses batteries along with extra batteries. You should stay inside if possible. If you must go outside, wear protective clothing. If the electricity goes out, be careful when using alternative sources of heat. Try to stay in one room and close off ( Full Answer )

Should rivers be allowed to flood?

yes, if we try to control rivers, we are only going to cause a bigger problem, messing up ecosystems and possibly causing more deaths.

What should you do after floods?

Depending on where you live and what damage you have to your home you should probably move to a higher elevated area if you were originally in a low elevated area

What should you have in case of an earthquake?

The Red Cross has earthquake kits, but they only begin to scratch the surface of what you REALLY need. In California, a three-day supply of EVERYTHING is recommended, but it could very well short you by two and half weeks. Depending on how remote you are, it could be three to four weeks until emerg ( Full Answer )

What should you do in case of earthquake at home?

Before . Practise your earthquake drill: DROP, COVER and HOLD. . Identify safe places close to you at home or school. . A safe place is under a strong table (remember to hold onto the legs), or next to an interior wall. Take no more than a few steps to avoid injury. . Talk with your family ( Full Answer )

What should you do in case of fire in your home?

In case of a fire in your home: . make sure everyone leaves the house immediately, closing doorsas you go; . get to a safe place and call the Fire Department; . do not reenter the house for any reason until the fire isout. Many deaths and injuries each year are due to re-entering to "savea pet ( Full Answer )

What should you do in case of cramps?

There are many diverse methods in solving cramps. For example, exercising. Also, you could avoid and caffeine or alcohol and rest in a comfortable chair. Do not eat while you have cramps, and take deep breaths. Sometimes I double over and that solves them for me, but hey. Everyone has a different wa ( Full Answer )

How should you prepare for flood?

one thing to help you get ready for a flood is to get a plan of where y'all will go what y'all will take. you need to get the place ready as soon as the flood warning is stated or a better thing to do is to have it ready all the time. i hope that helps some.

Should you get a case for your iPhone?

It depends on what you prefer. If you are clumsy, or just have bad luck, it would be beneficial to get an iPhone case to prevent the phone from being cracked, dropped in water, or accumulating dust.

What should one do in event of a basement flood?

In an event of a basement flood, one should notify their agency if the damage is covered. One should also remove and replace damaged drywall, insulation, mechanical fixtures, and electrical material.

What precautions should be taken before floods?

Many people die as a result of flooding, which can be verydangerous, so if you actually know that the location you are inwill be flooded, the basic precaution to take would be to leave,and go somewhere that is not going to be flooded. However, if youare talking about taking precautions against a pos ( Full Answer )

Where should I get my iPhone case?

I'd bought from mipoos.com there are some discounts now :D I getwoody one and my gf bought that silicone case with cat paw or smthlike that. u should try

What should you do in case of tornado?

Run and hide and go under ground. Always seek refuge in a room away from windows if possible, asthese can create fast-moving shrapnel if broken. If you have abasement or underground shelter, hide there until the storm haspassed. Make sure to stock it with water, food, flashlights,personal supplies, ( Full Answer )

What should you do in case of insider trading?

You know someone who is a company accountant employed by a listedcompany on your national stock exchange on the 100 index. At asocial occasion they mention to you privately that following aboard meeting their company's directors have decided to acquire asupplier company which is currently listed on ( Full Answer )