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Try and pry it out gently but if that doesnT work put Vaseline on it and wait till you can get help.

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Q: What should you do the back of your earing is stuck in your ear?
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Does marshall mathers have an earing?

Yes he has his ear pierced

Is it gay on the left or right for an earing?

Right ear

What to do if the back of your earing goes into your ear?

Go to casualty (the emergency room) where it can be removed easily. Do not try to remove it yourself

What can you do for your dog for ear scratching until you can take to vet?

put a earing

Is cookie from Shrek gay?

Yes, of course. Have you noticed his earing, it's in the right ear. Right ear= gay; Left ear= straight.

What words start with ear?

earing, earwax, eardrum, earth, earthquake, early, earned

Why did Shakespeare have an earing on his ear if it taboo?

It is not and was not taboo. Men often wore earrings in those days.

Why are earings called earings?

because earings are earings you put it in your ear that's first off all why its called earing and second of al because and you just put a ing around it it will be earing..

What is the reason for swollen ear lobes?

you may have got an infection if you have used or shared some body elses earing...

Fold a page corner is CALLED?

It's called dog-earing; it looks like a dog's ear when folded.

What are pros to getting your ear cartilage pierced?

Pros:You can get an earing Cons: It hurts like Ballz, it can get infected, you could not like it afterwards, you are missing a chunk of ear, it may grow back or fill up and it will hurt like ballz some more, and it costs money.

What side do men wear there earing?

It actually depends on the orientation of the man, if he's gay or bisexual, he wears it on his left ear. If he's straight he wears it on his right ear.