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If it is sneezing, it is from the bedding you are using in it's cage. Please switch to a non-wood bedding as this causes respritory infections in Guinea Pigs. Try "aspen" brand.

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Q: What should you do when your guinea pig is sneezing but is very active?
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How often are guinea pigs active?

Guinea Pigs are very active if they are happy and a big part of your life. I get my guinea pigs out every other day so they can runaround in the back yard (if you do this make sure your grass does not have chemicals on it, chemicals can kill your guinea pig.) It is a good idea to get two guinea pigs because they are social animals. If you have two guinea pigs they will be happier and more active because they are never bored. It is a good idea if you feed your guinea pigs spinage and carrots as treats If you do all that you will have very happy and active guinea pigs.

Guinea pig treatment for when sneezing?

Guinea pigs don't get colds. Sneezing and nasal discharge are signs of Upper Respitory Infections. Left untreated can be fatal, guinea pigs go downhill very fast. Take him to a experienced exotics veterinarian ASAP, this is a very serious and deadly infection. Please educate yourself regarding proper care and how to spot signs of illnesses before it's too late.

Why does your guinea pig have crusty watery half shut eyes and sneezing?

These are both signs of respiratory issues, which can become very serious if gone untreated. Take the sick guinea pig to the vet for proper treatment.

Does a guinea pig eat when its got a cold?

If your guinea pig isn't eating - he/she needs to see a vet NOW. Guinea Pigs can go very quickly & not eating is a bad sign. If your pig is showing symptoms of a cold - sneezing or coughing, he/she needs to see a vet SOON. Pigs get pneumonia very quickly.

Should you get another guinea pig for your other one?

Yes you should get a buddy for your guinea pig because they can get very lonely.

How should a guinea pig breath?

very quietly.

Are hamsters as energetic as guinea pigs?

both guinea pigs and hamsters can be very active although hamsters only at night, guinea pigs tend to be more playful and enjoy the company of people more.

Is it safe for children to play with guinea pigs?

Usually guinea pigs are very social animals, so it should be fine, provided the children are playing gentle and being careful. If they are very young they should be supervised or helped with the guinea pigs.

Is it bad when your guinea pig snezzes?

When my Guinea Pig was sneezing i told my mom and she took it to the vet. She ended up being sick. i didnt have her for 10 days because it was bad. If u didnt take her to the vet she would have gotten very sick.

Can you die from sneezing?

It is possible but happens very very rarely.

What is guinea pig habit?

it depends on your guinea pig. if it is very active, lazy, cheerful, angry, or kind. yes there are kind guinea pigs if you didn't know. anyways, if your guinea pig type is not in the examples i gave plz add to help improve answer ;D

Can guinea pigs eat ketchup?

Guinea pigs should not eat ketchup because it could cause diarea and will make your guinea pig very sick!

What are the benefits of sneezing?

Sneezing clears your nose and nasal cavities of irritants. And it feels very satisfying, sometimes ;)

Can guinea pigs chips?

No you should not feed guinea pigs chips it would be very bad for them. try cucumber they love it :)

Should you get a guinea pig or a rabbit?

I don't have an opinion, they both act very alike, but rabbits are a little more active. I've even heared that you can put them in the same cage and the'll be fine with eachother!

Should i get a rabbit or a guinea pig?

rabbits gets very large and guinea pigs stay small so if you want a pet to stay small then get a guinea pig

Why do guinea pigs run around their cage?

many numbers of things such as: sore feet bordum very active guinea pig exersizing hungery/thirsty ect. these are most common thanks

Should you worry if your pet mouse is not very active?

During the daytime it may not be very active because they are nocturnal. As long as it is eating, drinking, and being active sometimes, you are fine.

What should you do if your guinea pig is stuck in a tree?

Climb up and get it. Do not let it sort itself out; Guinea pigs are not very good climbers and are not very good at jumping or falling from height.

How many weight watcher points should a 135 pound women get?

you should have 18 points if you are not very active and if you are a little active you should have 20. if your job is very physical then you can have 22 points. hope this helps

What are the symptoms of guinea pig dehydration?

They will not be active,and will probably stay in the same spot and not really move around. If that happens call a vet immediately because guinea pigs are very sensitive animals and it can be deadly.

Can a guinea pig be friends with a hamster?

Probably, Since guinea pigs are very social animals. But I do not think you should put them in a cage together.

Do guinea pig like corn?

No, guinea pigs should not be allowed to eat corn as it does not digest well and has very little nutritional value.

What gender of guinea pig is easier to care for?

Both genders are very equal in care and you should probably get two Guinea Pigs. But you should realize they CAN get pregnant if you have a Male. But it is better to have both types because they are very social in the wild. Boys tend to get very stinky!

Is tuberculosis contagious?

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