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If you mean a personal diary it can be about whatever you want, but if what you write is really private you should get a lock or find a good hiding place for it.

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I could never wait for the best day of my life.

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Q: What should you write about in your journal?
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How often should a family write in their family journal?

at least once a week

How often should you try to write in your journal?

Ideally, one should write in their journal daily, however it shouldn't becomea chore. One should write in their journal asmuch or as little as they want.Remember that a journal isn't merely a place to record daily events. It's a place where you can discuss, without censure, how you feel, what you think, what you're dreaming of. I've been keeping a journal faithfully for seven years, and it's amazing to see how I've grown and the things that were heavily on my mind in a given year. I don't always write everyday, but the habit is such a part of me that I miss it on the days that I don't write.

What should you do with a journal?

Well, you can: write your daily routines, write stories, you can doodle, write a report on whats happening around you, etc. Be creative! Note: If your journal is private, and you write personal things in it, think about hiding it somewhere where only you can find it.

What can be written in a journal?

Anything one wants to write in a journal may be written. There are no special guidelines of what to write in a journal. Most people write how they feel or a story.

Where is the think through math journal?

There is no journal. You just write in in your own journal.

What do you put in a new journal?

In a new journal you can put your thoughts. You can write down your hope and dreams in a new journal. You can write you daily experiences and problems in a journal as well.

How to write a journal?

First, you should decide what type of journal you want to write. It is a travel journal, personal diary, food journal, workout journal, creative writing. See related links for help. Write about whatever you want: 1. Decide which subject you want to write about 2. List who, what, where, when, why, and how in yours mind or on paper 3. Pick up your pen and let your imagination take you away! It can be about what happened in your day or completely fictional. Alternatively: You can use software such as Vivid Journal which allows you to record Video, Audio or Multimedia entries.

What should you put in a journal?

Many people use journals as a diary. In a journal you can write thoughts, or document personal achievements or dreams. It can also be used for keepsakes.

Should anyone go through a girls journal?

NO! A girl's journal(diary) is for her eyes ONLY!!! Girls write their deepest darkest secrets in their journals(diaries).

How do you write a fictional journal?

In order to write a fictional journal, one must be able to write as if one were a person writing an actual journal. Understanding of subject matter and style is important.

What to write in your journal?

Write anything that comes to your mind.

Is Winnie's Journal a novel?

No, Winnie's Journal (also known as the Winnie Years Journal) is a journal that you can write in. There are also questions to answer, and pictures.