What should your IQ be?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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The average human's IQ is 100. This would be the mediocre, not fair or poor. However, most people now a days have a little over a 100 like 110.

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Q: What should your IQ be?
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What does is it mean if your IQ is 150?

if your IQ is 150, surely you should know

Apparently i have a low IQ is that bad?

Yes, that is bad. The stupider you are, the lower your IQ is. For example, you said your IQ is low. You forgot to capitalize "I," which should always be capitalized when not part of a word. Also, your question should be two sentences. "Is that bad?" should be separate from "Apparently I have a low IQ," which should have a period after "IQ." So in all, yes it is bad, but only for you.

What should be the IQ for a 26 year old person?

Your IQ does not reflect your age.

What should your IQ be for an 32 year old?

The average IQ is 100 for any age. The average IQ is 100 for any age.

What's the average IQ for 11-year-old girl?

I am a 13 year old girl (Gender should not matter) and my IQ is 110. I know you should not have an IQ score of over 160, which is Albert Einstein's IQ. :) Hope this helped :)

How high can you get on a IQ test?

Not all IQ tests are the same.I just finished the IQ test and I got IQ of 131, however when I did Mensa IQ test it was 134.You should try multiple tests to get the most accurate IQ score you can.

Is 154 IQ okay for a 12 year old?

If your IQ really is 154 you should be able to deduce that your IQ is well above average.

Does race affect a person's IQ?

It should not. To obtain the most reliable score possible, everyone should have the IQ test administered in their native language.

What is the average 13 yearold IQ?

The stated average is 100 (as it is for all ages), but in my opinion, I think that it should be slightly higher than 100 due to the way IQ is calculated how is the IQ calculated? my IQ 136

What is normal IQ level for 17 years old?

A normal IQ level is between 90-109 IQ is not depedant upon age, it is age corrected therefore you should have a similar IQ all your life

Where can you find a good free iq test?

There are many IQ tests online. Just go to google and type in IQ Test and you should get a huge list.

What should the IQ of a fourteen year old be?

The average IQ for ANY age is 100. It doesn't change with age.