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you need to have had all A's throughout your high school career. Also you need a high GPA average and high SAT and ACT test scores if I'm not mistaken you also need to take the LSAT.

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Q: What should your grade average be to get into Harvard?
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What grade point average should you have to be accepted into Harvard University?

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What must your grade average to get into Harvard designing school?

Well, i thing A's and B's have to be accomplished to get into Harvard.

What was Pres Obama's grade point average at Harvard?


What are the standardized GPA of high school students for admissions to Harvard?

Well I'm only a freshman,but i know that you need the grade point average to get into Harvard as a 3.7 through out high school.

What does Harvard want in a student?

They want a student who has a good grade point average, and a good school record ( and ofcourse good behaiour)

Is it an advantage to get into Harvard extension school?

Unlike before where the Extension division of Harvard University FAS allowed open-enrollment, today you have to be fully admitted to be a Harvard University student (even via Extension School route). Unlike the College, the admission process is unique: you must take actual Harvard University courses, make the grade point average necessary just to demonstrate that you can be considered. The consideration phase is extensive. Harvard University faculty not just grade you but also evaluate whether or not you can succeed at Harvard University.

On a map test what average would you say would be Harvard material for someone in the sixth grade?

A test in middle 6th grade won't count for getting into college. It starts to get tracked in high school.

What was president Obama grade point average at havard?

While that information has not been made public, we do know that he graduated from Harvard "Magna Cum Laude"-- this sort of academic honor is given only to the top 10% of Harvard students.

What letter grade is a 2.83 in high school?

That is a B-. U should totally go 4 A's and get in2 Harvard.

What is the average grade when you start dating?

I think it should be 10th or 11th grade

What grade should you know my 3 times tables?

On average u should know them in first or second grade !

What is the average GPA score to get into Harvard Medical School?

Again, Harvard does not set a certain boundary on what your GPA should be, but you might want your GPA to be very close to perfect.

What should a girls grade point averedge be if she was in the 6th grade?

3.0 is an average grade point avereage. you should try to make it higher than that though

What grade are you in if you're 16?

the average 16 year old should be in grade 11

Average Harvard undergrad GPA?

The average Harvard undegraduate GPA for the class of 2010 was a 3.49.

What is the acceptance rate at Harvard Westlake School?

In 7th grade, Harvard-Westlake only accepts 220 students. On average, around 1 out of 5 gets accepted. If you are applying for financial aid, however, the chances of being accepted are about 1 in 7. Harvard-Westlake accepts very few, if any, 8th graders, and only because of foreign exchange programs, or other special instances. 9th grade is the next opportunity to apply. In 9th grade, around 70 new students are accepted into the Harvard-Westlake family. H-dub is a very competitive school. For more information, go to

Does Harvard check your 6th grade year?


Should an academic grade of a D be considered passing?

The average passing grade should be a D- or above, but it varies on different schools and districts.

What is the grade point average to get in Harvard?

Magna Cum Laude in Field -- 3.750 Cum Laude in Field -- 3.480 Cum Laude -- 3.750

Should you weigh 109 pounds in fifth grade?

Well, you should NOT weight that much. The average weight for a SIXTH GRADE GIrL is almost 90 pounds, so if you are in fifth grade you should probably weigh less than sixth grader.

What does your GPA have to be to become a pediatrician?

Your grade point average should be fairly high to become a pediatrician. Some schools will require you to have over a 3.5 grade point average.

What grade should 14 year olds be in US?

the average 14 year old should be in grade 9 or 10 if they skipped any elementary classes

How do you average your grade?

To average your grade take you last 3 years grade point average add them together then divide by 3 the answer will be you average grade point then figure out you schools grade point system and theres your average grade.

What are the normal test scores for third grade on Map testing?

190-195. I got those scores in 2nd grade but they should be average in 3rd grade.

What grade did Obama finish school?

Harvard Law School grad.