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Q: What side do you transfer client from weak or strong?
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When helping a client who is recovering from a stroke to walk the nurse aide should assist?

On the clients strong

What are the strong side and weak side of a football field?

Strong= Right Weak= Left Simple as.

Why do strong magnets attract both poles of weaker magnets?

coz if you try to attract a weak and a weak side it wont stick. same with the strong and strong side. But if you put a strong side next to a weak side it will attach. When a strong magnet is brought nearby the domains line up more closely with the magnetic field. The result of this reorientation is an overall magnetization of the weaker magnet.

What is the difference between a weak side linebacker and a strong side linebacker?

The strong side of an offense is considered to be the side that the tight end lines up on. So a strong side linebacker would be playing defense on the side of the field that the tight end is lined up and the weak side linebacker would be playing on the other side of the field.

Is Sulfur strong or weak?

weak weak

Is washing up liquid a weak or strong alkali?

it is weak and strong because it neutralises acids. So its strong not weak but weak not strong.

Why does the strong side conventionally the right hand side for offense Doesn't this mean that righthanded quarterbacks are more likely to be blindside sacked because most are right-handed?

Strong side and weak side are determined by how much room there is between the ball/Center and the sideline. If the ball is placed on the left hash mark on the field, then there is more room to the right and that is the strong side. The left side would then be the weak side as there is less room for the offense to operate and therefore fewer play options. Less room and fewer options=weak. More room and more options=strong.

What is a weakside in basketball?

A weak side is the side of a basketball player which does not have their dominant hand. For example, if you are defending somebody and you know they are right handed, you can force them to use their left hand, which is their weak side.

What is weak?

weak is not strong

Is is soap solution strong or weak acid?

its an alkali, the other side of the pH scale you numpty;)

What are opposite word for weak?

antonym comes from the greek, anti, meaning opposite, so the opposite of weak is strong.

Is a screwdriver a weak or strong magnet?

Screwdrivers can have weak or strong magnetism.