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For coarse threads (13 threads per inch) use a 27/64 drill

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Q: What size drill bit for a half inch tap?
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What mm size rubber grommet for a half inch drill bit?

.50 drill bit = 8mm rubber grommet

What wood drill bit size would I use for one quarter inch diameter lag screw into 2 pieces 1 AND HALF inch width wood board?

A 3/16 drill bit.

What size is an O drill bit?

An 'O' drill bit is a decimal size, 0.3160 inch, which is between 5/16 and 21/64 on the fractional inch scale.

What size drill bit is equivalent to a size r?

The 'R' drill is 0.339 inch, which converts to just a tiny bit less than 11/32 of an inch

What size is a 4mm drill bit converted to?

A 4 mm drill bit is equivalent to 5/32 inch.

What size drill bit is 375 inch?

That size is correctly 0.375, and is equal to 3/8 of an inch.

What does the letter f on a drill bit indicate?

Drill bits not only come in fractional number sizes they also come in letter sizes. The F size drill bit is .257 thousandths of an inch in diameter. A 1/4 inch drill bit is .250 thousandths of an inch in diameter, so size F is .007 thousandths of an inch bigger than a 1/4 inch drill bit.

What size drill bit for a one quarter inch bolt?

For a clearance hole you need a 9/64 drill bit.

What is bit width?

The width of a drill bit is it's size, measured in mm or in fractions of inch.

What drill bit is 054?

You are not expressing the size correctly. -There is NO 054. -If you mean 0.054 of an inch, then the nearest drill size is a #54 drill, which is 1.397 mm thick.

What size drill bit is 5.105 mm?

5.105 is 0.201 inch , or #7 on drill gauge. Both are common drill bits.

What size drill bit do I for a half inch lag screw?

In most materials I would drill a 3/8 hole for this. It would have helped if you told us what material you are drilling for a better answer.

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