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Well, hamsters can flatten themselves out so they basically fit into many different sizes of holes.


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what size whole can a mouse fit through

An adult octopus can fit through a hole the size of a dime!

~ 1/2" HOLE. General rule is quarter ($.25) size and larger are considered passable.

as big or bigger than the radius of a football

yes and no depends on size of hole :]

PS The previous awswer is,as far as I'm aware,100% wrong.

It might sound crazy but an adult rat can fit through a 1/2 inch space! I don't think a 1/2 x 1/2 hole, but definitely a horizontal space that tall. Hope this helped!

Yes. The wires in the cage have gaps too small for a dwarf hamster to fit through. The cage is good for dwarf hamsters.

Cats have whiskers because they help them tell how wide an opening or a hole is because their whiskers are the same size as their shoulders.It works like this:The cat finds an opening/hole and does not know whether he/she can fit through it so he/she put her whiskers through the opening/hole and if her whiskers get squished up he/she knows she cannot fit through. also, with wiskers a cat can remember its way around because they will know what hole they shoved there wiskers through and then they will be able to remember that they have gone the wrong way if they come across a hole or gap that they cannot fit through because then how can they possibly have got there?

Cats use their whiskers as a guideline for the size of their head. Say a cat is trying to fit through a hole and his whiskers rub, then he knows that he will get stuck if he continues into the hole.

for a button to fit through its buttonhole, the hole needs to be the size of the button's diameter. what size buttonhole is needed for a button with a circumference of 9.42 centimeters?

put up a fence around the box and cut a hole that you cat can fit through but not the dogs size

How to get the Hamster fit again. Please see the Related link below for a walkthrough of how to get the Hamster Fit!

Well, it depends on the hamster really. I have got 2 Syrian hamster, both girls, and they look exactly the same, its just one of them is really small and can fit in one of my hands, but the other wont even fit in both of my hands and her lets are hanging of. If you want to know the real size, i suggest you ask an expert!

If the ferrets head will fit into the hole, then the rest of their body can go through the hole

mice have bones to allow them to fit through tiny holes just like squirrels are chipmunks.

Yes, the peg will have a diameter of 0.955 inches which would allow it to fit in the hole.

Why not, white winter hamsters are the same size possibly smaller than a dwarf hamster.

The girl was subtle which allowed her to fit through the hole in the wall.

if your to tight and it doesnt fit through the hole hahaha.

As long as they both have the same hole count ( 8 hole on most ) and size.

So they can fit through spaces as it gives them a sense of their size, if their whiskers can fit through a gap - so can they.

The only requirement for the size of the holes in your beads is that the holes must be large enough that the string (or wire) that you are using can fit through the holes. Other than that, the holes (or beads) can be any size you like.

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