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I think that is the Panasonic DVD-L50 Portable DVD Player.

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A portable DVD player should be small enough to easily carry. The smallest DVD players are barely larger than the DVDs that they play, but larger ones are also available.

As of now the best selling DVD player is the PlayStation 4 gaming console. In the past the PS2 was the highest selling DVD player.

The smallest portable dvd player is the Audiovox D1420. It is a portable DVD player is just about an inch more in diameter than the DVD itself. It features a built-in 4.2‰Û_ 16:9 LCD widescreen and battery life lasts about 2.5 hours.

The smallest size of an HDTV display is 7 inches. THis is more for the personal DVD or blu ray player like the type you take on a plane ride or for car rides.

Checking prices from other car DVD player from shoppingkool and dhagte, the market price of BV395OT is expensive.

DVDs are used in DVD-Video consumer digital video format and in DVD-Audio. The first DVD player hit the market in March 1997. DVD-Video became the dominant form of home video distribution in Japan when it first went on sale in 1996

yea its just a more new generation DVD It is the size of a DVD, but it is able to contain many times the information as on a DVD and it is not a DVD. It will not play on a DVD player.

The macbook air. it is the same size as the normal macbook but thinner. The limitation is that you don't have a cd/dvd-driver in it.

The best Sony dvd player that you should buy for a gift is the Sony. Sony works great and it has great sound systems and also they have a money back guarantee.

what kind of DVD player is it? did u mean just dvd or dvd player?

The battery life on a sony portable DVD player really all depends on the size of it. It also depends on how you use the player. But average hours of a battery for a DVD player that is fully charged would be between eight and twelve hours.

It uses the basic auxilliary jack found in common cd/dvd players.

A tv with a dvd player is a tv configured such that it has a dvd player built into the body of the tv. These tvs vary in price according a few factors, including price, size, and resolution.

Multiply size given on DVD with 1024 you get DVD size in MB. Example : If your DVD size is 4.7GB then it is =4.7*1024 MB =4812.8 MB

There are no individual Bode DVD players on the market. They are exclusivly sold in a set in a lifestyle system. These systems are in the $3000 range.

Videotape (usually in cassettes for the home market) was the predecessor to DVDs for recording video.

Rewrite is a record function, a dvd player is just that, a player.

The Sony DVP FX930 DVD player is a small portable DVD player. The COBY TFDVD7008 DVD player is another example.

The best blu ray player currently on the market is the BDP-S370 . The BDP-S370 is the best on the market because it can play any format Blu Ray DVD and it is the cheapest .

A DVD player plays DVD's. A DVD Recorder records DVD's.

The DVD player produces output to a screen from a DVD, which is storage. The DVD player first has to read the DVD, so it has input components too.

DVD camcorders have made it possible to record your home movies onto a DVD disc that can be immediately played back in your DVD player. There are lots of great DVD camcorders out on the consumer market today to choose from. You can use dvd camcorder to record all your sweet memories in a dvd which can be viewed any time you like.

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