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I use a 23 guage 1 inch long needle for injections into my thighs. About 1 in 4 or 5 times that I do an injection I get a little bit of testosterone leaking back out of the puncture. I have used 22 guage 1.5 inch long needles but they seemed a bit to large in diameter and length. I am going to ask for 23 guage 1.25 inch long the next time that I get a refill of needles, this seems like it should be the perfect size for my needs. By the way, I am a big guy and if I were smaller, I think the 1 inch in length would be fine. When I first started my shots, I was getting a 1ml. shot once per month. My levels were still to low so I went to 1ml. every 2 weeks. This got my T levels where they should be but I broke out with acne on my chest and back. After some research I started doing 1/2ml. every week and in about 6 weeks the acne had went away. My T levels spiking after a 1ml. shot was the cause of the acne and is not a problem with the 1/2ml. shots. Everyone is different but don't be afraid to customize your treatment for your needs.

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The proper needle to use depends on whether the injection is IM or SC. For an IM injection, a 1 1/2 inch needle would be most appropriate.

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22 or 23 gauge

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Q: What size needle is used for testosterone injections?
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What is Range of needle guages used for intradermal injections?

26 or higher number needle is normally used to give intradermal injections.

What gauge needle is needed for intramuscular injections?

Usually 24 number needle is used by doctors. For baby you can use 26 number needle and for oily injections you can use 22 number needle.

What is used for needles?

Sewinggetting splinters outif it's a knitting needle, knittingif it's a hypodermic needle, giving injections

Can testosterone shots cure low testosterone?

It can't cure the problem, but it greatly helps. I have just such an issue, as mine is caused from the Klinefelter syndrome. I have received testosterone injections since 1988, of which I currently receive bi-weekly injections of it. It does increase the low level of testosterone. It is used throughout one's body to furnish the needed nutrients that the body normally produces, such as for promoting the "maleness", hair, deepening of voice, bone density, beard, muscle mass, and other male characteristics.

What size needle should be used for the deltoid muscle for an adult male?

1.5 for needle length to be used in the deltoid.

In fine needle aspiration why is the needle redirected and aspirated multiple times in a single site?

typical size needle used for fine needle aspiration

Why do you not always feel a needle?

The gauge of the needle, what the needle is being used for (IV, tattoo, blood draw, injection, etc.) all have an impact on the sensation experienced when a needle penetrates the skin. With injections in particular, the solution's thickness will definitely contribute to it. The thicker the solution, the more painful.

What is the size of needle used for im?

22g, 1 inch

Use of hypodermic syringe?

A syringe with a calibrated barrel, plunger, and tip, used with a hypodermic needle for hypodermic injections and for aspiration. (Medical Dictionary)

What size needle and syringe is used to drain a cyst?

The 18 or 16 size needle can be used in most cases. The 50 ml syringe should do. Small cysts can be drained by using 10 ml syringe.

Is androgen therapy used in treating problems of erection?

If after having a blood test to check your testosterone levels (best done in the morning,when your testosterone levels are highest) you find your testo levels are low, I would advise talking to your MD. about testosterone replacement. After taking self injections of testosterone cypionate weekly (painless) I find I have much more energy,libido, and a better sense of wellbeing. These injections are much cheaper than the gels and patches. One point about the testosterone levels. The range that is considered "normal" is very wide-in that one person of the same age can have almost 10 times the amount of total testosterone and both fall in the normal range?

How long is the hpv needle?

The HPV needle is typically a 3/8 or 1/2 inch needle. It is the standard size used for all vaccines in that age group.