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I can't get a definite answer, but I've hear both a 5 and a 9 USA. I guess the 5 could be something other than a 'USA'. Idk.

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Who has bigger feet out of Dylan or Cole Sprouse?

Dylan Has, dylan size mens 11 cole size mens 9

What size shoes is Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse wears an American men's shoe size 8.

What sized shoes do Dylan and Cole Sprouse wear?

japenese system... size 81b... but dylans shoes are 10 times the sq.rt of .1sqd x the size of coles.

Do Dylan and cole sprouse have the same size penis?

No Cole's is bigger

Dylan and Cole Sprouse shoe size?

9 in the usa 8 in the uk

What size shoe does Dylan Sprouse wear?

i think Dylan and coles shoe size is either a 8 or 9!!! and omg cole sprouse is apparently going out with a girl called Georgia-Raye!!!

What shoe size is Dylan Sprouse?

Dylan Sprouse shoe size is 9 and half

What size sock is Dylan Sprouse?


What size feet is Dylan Sprouse?

11 or 12

What is Cole Sprouse size shoe?

9 in USA

What size feet does Cole Sprouse have?

they are 3 feet

What is Cole Sprouse shoe size?

ANSWER January 2009: size 9 USA

What is Cole Sprouse' shoe size?

September 2010 - Men - 9.5

Is miley taller than Dylan Sprouse?

i think their the same size but i might be wrong

Does Macy's sell Cole Hahn shoes?

"Macys does in fact sell Cole Hahn shoes. Although they do have a bigger size and style selection on their website, they can be found in stores as well."

What is Cole and Dylan Sprouse's official fan mail address?

Both Cole and Dylan Sprouse have the same fan mail addresses, so address it to whichever brother you wish to contact. You can write to either: Cole or Dylan Sprouse Merimark Entertainment 1040 N. Las Palmas Bldg. 33, 3rd Floor Hollywood, CA 90038 USA Or: Cole or Dylan Sprouse Dualstar Entertainment Group Llc 1801 Century Park E. 12th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90067 USA Please include a self stamped addressed envelope if you wish to receive a reply or are requesting an autograph. The minimum envelope size is 8.5" x 4 and preferably needs to be cardboard backed with "Do not bend" written on it. If you do not live in the USA then please include several International Reply Coupons. These are only available from a post office and will be used to buy American stamps for a reply.

What size shoes does Dylan McLaughlin wear?

feet it probably changes by how much his feet grow

What dress size is Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole is a size 6-8.

What size foot is cheryl cole?

cheryl cole is a size 5 1/2

What size is 41 in shoes?

What size is 41 in shoes

What size is 41 in shoes in women's?

What size is 41us in shoes

Is size 4 shoes bigger or size 6?

Size 6 shoes are bigger. The bigger the number, the bigger the shoes!

If your a size 4 in girls shoes what size are you in boys shoes?

if a person is a size 4 in girls shoes, they will be a size 5 in boys shoes. This conversion only works for youth sizing.

Everything about Cole and Dylan Sprouse?

COLE: Cole is friends with actor/model Dylan Patton. Cole loves Chinese and Japanese food. Cole participated in the Dunk Booth competition, but his team only got second place, in the Disney Channel Games. Cole and Dylan are now doing separate roles on TV shows and movies because they are beginning to look noticably different from each other. Cole and Dylan appeared on "Entertainment Tonight" on July 7, 2006 to talk about how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are helping them promote their magizine "Code". Issue #1 of Sprouse Bros. CODE is going to be released on July 18th. Cole and Dylan occasionally do a podcast on their official website. Cole has a smaller build than his brother, Dylan, giving people the illusion that Dylan is fatter, but really, they are both quite thin. Cole and his brother Dylan are currently in the process of editing a magazine called Sprouse Bros. CODE. Cole's nickname on the Disney Channel Games is The Conquerer. Cole will be participating in the Disney Channel Games during the summer of 2006, as a member of the Blue Team. In the Disney Channel Games episode Hamster Ball Relay, Cole did not participate, and his team didn't win either. During the Disney Channel Games episode Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown Cole faced his brother Dylan (and won), and his team also won. During the Disney Channel Games episode Obstacle Course Cole did not participate, but his team came in second. Neither Cole nor Dylan care whether they are immature or not because they believe that you are only a kid once, so you should enjoy it while you can and have fun with it by being immature when the time is appropriate, and sometimes when it's not. Neither Cole nor Dylan do AIM, myspace, xanga, or any of that stuff unless otherwise stated by themselves or their manager. They do occasionally chat on official fan websites though. Cole dislikes reading about history Cole said, "I was extremly nervous, I was shaking on the car ride over". (about meeting the Olsens) Cole said "One time a guy mistaked me for a girl and that was not cool ya'll!" Cole always snores while he's asleep, and he also sleep's barefoot. They have never been not allowed to watch any of their movies (because of ratings). That's the best part they say. Cole was born on a Tuesday. Cole keeps a journal and tries to write it in every day. Cole and Dylan like to play swords. Cole doesn't like to copy anybody, he wants to be original. Cole has said, "We (Cole and Dylan) are really bad dancers". Now that Cole and Dylan are older, they are into computers. When they were younger, their mom didn't like them to go online much. Cole is very into super heroes. Cole likes to play mean tricks on the extras for The Suite Life. They have a farting machine, and like to freak everybody out. Their parents only got Dylan and Cole into acting just to raise money for college, never expected them to be big stars. Cole considers himself a big nerd. Cole and Dylan would much rather do Comedy then Drama. Cole wants to go to college, but doesn't really know what he wants to do. Cole and Dylan have a wall of fan letters outside of their dressing room. Cole can't burp on cue. Cole's most prized possesion is his family. Cole and Dylan Sprouse will have their own game called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Tipton Trouble. It comes out on August 15 and it's for Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance. Cole is invited to go to the premiere of Pirates of Cribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest. Cole and Dylan's official site mentions that they will have a MySpace page coming soon. Cole sees himself in 10 years, as graduating college. Cole's favorite animal is the rhino. Cole's favorite sound is the sound of video games. Cole's friends is what makes him laugh. Cole's favorite topic of conversation is video games. Cole's favorite time of the day is night time. Cole's favorite time of the year is Christmas. Cole's favorite song is "Chop Suey", by System of a Down. Cole's dream college is Princeton University. Cole's bedtime is 10pm. Cole and Dylan were nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award in 2000 for "Favorite Supporting Actor - Comedy, for: Big Daddy". Cole and Dylan were nominated for a MTV Movie Award in 2000 for "Best On-Screen Duo, for: Big Daddy", in which they shared the nomination with Adam Sandler. Cole and Dylan were nominated for a YoungStar Award in 1999 for "Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Comedy Film, for: Big Daddy". Cole and Dylan were nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2000 for "Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actor Age Ten or Under, for: Big Daddy". Cole and Dylan were nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2006 for "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actor, for: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody". Cole and Dylan were in a commercial for "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", to inform fans that the show is going to start. Dylan had the hiccups in the commercial, so Cole had to do it. Cole says his idea of a great first date, would be to ride all the rides at the carnival. Cole says he likes to listen to upbeat singers such as Simple Plan and Kelly Clarkson. Cole is currently single. Cole would like to work with Jim Carrey. Cole currently owns a GameCube, a XBOX, and a PlayStation. Cole is a huge fan of Wayne Brady. Cole once shot Dylan in the leg with a paintball gun. Cole can sometimes be bossy. Cole had his first girlfriend when he was in kindergarten. Cole's favorite snowboarder is Shaun White. The Blue Collar Comedy Tour makes Cole laugh. Cole says that the most annoying thing about Dylan is that he's always there. Cole's favorite burger topping is grilled onions. Cole's worst subject in school is reading. He gets bored easily reading about history. Cole's most memorable real hotel story is when Dylan snuck downstairs and tried to sleep on a bench in the hotel lobby. Cole usually wears dark colors. Cole's personality is energetic, curious, and talkative. Cole's favorite computer is the Alienware Laptop Computer. Cole's favorite TV Networks are the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Cole's favorite actor is Johnny Depp. His favorite actresses are Jennifer Anniston and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Cole's heritage is German and Cherokee. Cole is very outgoing. Cole is usually the hit of the parties. Cole has a very close relationship with his manager, Josh. Cole used to be friends with Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who played Nicky and Alex on Full House. Cole's worst habbit is speaking his mind. Cole has a stuffed rabbit named BunBun. Cole was going to star in a film in Canada called, Have You Seen Me; shortly after the filming of Big Daddy. It was cancelled before the project started. The film was to be about a homeless boy with an imaginary dog. Cole wasn't in the film, Piggy Banks, in which his brother Dylan was. Cole's mother, Melanie Sprouse, is credited in the film Just for Kicks as an Associate Producer, in which Cole and Dylan are stars in. Cole and Dylan have a magazine called, Sprouse Bros. Code, coming out on July 18. Cole's biggest fears are anything that eats your brain, and dark places. Cole appeared on a VERB commercial. Cole loves to play with his dog, Bubba. Cole's biggest role models are his family, friends, and his manager, Josh. Cole says, "What I like in girls is a funny personality, not a crazy fan. I like a girl who is down-to-earth and doesn't get worked up over anything - not the kind of girl who is so worried about how she looks that she has to put on pounds of makeup!! Cole and his brother were born in a small hospital called Clinica Tanganeli. They were delivered by Senora Maggie. Senora Maggie was a midwife who had hand-delivered at least half the town of Arezzo, Italy since World War II. Cole grew up in Woodland Hills, California; which he no longer lives there. Cole's favorite movies are; Godzilla, Forest Gump, Napoleon Dynamite. Cole is more of an extrovert (sociable person). Cole's dream car is the Porsche. Cole's favorite pizza is BBQ chicken. Cole almost always get straight A's. Cole's acting coach is David Spatz. Cole plans to go to college. Cole's allowance is $40 a month. When Cole writes a girls name, he puts a little rose next to it . Cole's mother, Melanie Wright, was also in the film The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. He and Dylan both think Scooby Doo is the best cartoon. Cole's favorite thing to do is skateboard and talk on the phone Cole made an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America on March 18, 2005. Cole also has the same birthday as Roger Clemens, a professional baseball player. Cole guest starred on Mike's Super-Short Show twice. Cole has the same birthday as NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon. Cole has the same birthday as Kurt Busch, a NASCAR driver. Cole does not have a Myspace, Xanga, or a Screen Name. Cole's favorite part about staying at a hotel is staying on a high floor and looking at the view. Cole won an annual PopStar! award for 2005. The biggest trouble that Cole ever got into was when he was blamed when Dylan broke a limb off of a tree. Cole and Dylan taught Brenda Song how to surf in the Summer of 2005. As of now, Cole's shoe size is 6 1/2. According to Dylan; even though he's the older twin, Cole claims that he is older. Cole's celebrity crush is Catherine Zeta Jones. Cole, along with Dylan, were the very first set of twins to audition for the part of Julian in Big Daddy. The director knew right away that those were the right kids for the part. If Cole could be an animal for a day, he would be a mole. Cole said the hardest thing about learning his lines was due to the really long monologue, because it is hard to memorize them. Cole dated Alyson Stoner in 2005. Cole's favorite video games are all Super Mario games. Cole is right handed. When Preparing for a Film, Cole and Dylan both prepare for the role individually. Like if they were doing two different characters. They both have an acting coach, that they work with before auditions and prepare their roles separately and not together. Cole switched places with Dylan when they were in first grade. Cole's manager is Josh Werkman. Cole's favorite things about acting are reading the script for the first time, and the overall experience. Cole's favorite Clothes brand is Val Surf Los Angeles. Cole's most hated food is liver and onions. Cole's first name is of Celtic/Gaelic origin. The name Cole means "warrior". Cole is a big fan of Godzilla. Cole was named after the jazz singer and pianist Nat King Cole. Cole has been acting since he was 8 months old. Cole went to a middle school, before being homeschooled. Cole's favorite gadget is the iPod. Cole would like to work with actors Johnny Depp and Dave Chappelle sometime. Cole's favorite amusement park is Six Flags. Cole's favorite dessert is Cake Batter Ice Cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Cole's favorite cartoon character is Peter Griffin. Cole's favorite magazine is Nintendo Power. Cole's favorite Season is Fall. Cole's favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish is scalloped potatoes. Cole's favorite reality TV show is Supernanny. Cole's favorite arcade game is Marvel vs. Capcom. Cole's favorite dog bread is the Basset Hound or English Bulldog. Cole's favorite breakfast cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats. Cole's favorite marine animal is the octopus. Cole's favorite vacation spot is Italy and the Bahamas. Cole's favorite instrument is the bass. Cole's favorite pizza topping is bacon bits. Cole has appeared on different episodes of Disney's "Express Yourself". Cole appeared on the show "Friends", whereas, Dylan did not. Cole wanted to be a farmer at first. Cole shares a room with his twin brother Dylan. Cole is currently living with his father and twin brother Dylan. Cole's grandmother, Jonine Booth Wright, was an actress and a drama teacher. Cole would like to have his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cole likes to listen to Ja Rule, Kiss, Missy Elliot, Eminem, Shakira, and System of a Down. Cole's favorite video game happens to be The Legend of Zelda. Cole has one bulldog named Bubba, and one goldfish named Killer. Cole's mothers' maiden name is Melanie Wright. Cole is more curious than his twin brother Dylan. Cole, along with his twin brother Dylan, will soon have a clothing line called Sprouse Bros coming out. Cole loves to cook Cole made an appearance in the music video titled "A Dream Is A Wish A Heart Makes" as a member of the Disney Channel Circle Of Stars. Cole's favorite brand of shoes happen to be DVS. Cole played a Twin in the film The Astronaut's Wife. Cole played Young Pistachio in the film The Master of Disguise. Cole played the voice of a K-B Toy Soldier in the film Eight Crazy Nights. Cole played the role of Sammy Jr. in the film Diary of a Sex Addict. Cole played the role of Justin Carver in the film I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Cole played the role of Jack Pyne in the film Apple Jack. Cole shared the role of Jeremiah with his twin brother Dylan in the film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. Cole played the role of Cole Martin in the film Just for Kicks. Cole's Birthstone happens to be the Peridot. Cole has duel citizenship in the United States and Italy. Cole's Zodiac sign is Leo. Cole has blond hair. Cole has greenish-blue eyes. Cole's favorite sports team happens to be the Utah Jazz. Cole's favorite TV show happens to be Family Guy, Lost, South Park, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Cole's favorite animal happens to be a pig. Cole's favorite Adam Sandler movie happens to be The Wedding Singer. Cole's favorite movie happens to be The Little Shop of Horrors. Cole's parents are divorced. It happened a few months before Big Daddy. Cole's favorite subjects in school currently happens to be Math, History, Literature, and Greek Mythology. Cole likes reading books about Greek Mythology, science fiction, and the Lord of the Flies. Cole's favorite food happens to be Chinese and Japanese food. Cole's favorite candy happens to be Three Musketeers and Skittles. Cole's nickname is currently Coley Moley. Cole is currently living in San Fernando Valley, California. Cole plays the guitar. Cole's height is currently 5'7½ (1.71 m). Cole was born in the Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Cole's favorite place happens to be the East Coast. For most of Cole's career, he shared the role with his twin brother Dylan. He has done roles that he and his brother did not share. Cole has no other siblings, except for his twin brother Dylan. Likes video games and photography. Cole currently enjoys these following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Surfing, Motocross, Snowboarding, and Skateboarding. Likes Scooby Doo, and anything on Cartoon Network. Likes beef jerky and doesn't like chocolate. Cole and Dylan have a Boston Terrier named Olive. They received her as a Valentine's present last year.

What is a size 13.5 womens shoes in mens shoes?

size 11