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11 year old are all different size, and so they should be, as we are all different in are frames

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Q: What size should a 11 year old be?
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What size feet should a 17 year old who is 13 stone and 6ft 1 have?

he are she should have a size 11

What cup size should an 11 year old 4foot8 girl have?

Im 11 , and im aroud your height , 4'5 , and my size is a 30A (;

What shoe size should a 13 year old African American girl wear?

an 11

What size are the largest feet record for 11 year old girl?

size 11

What is Clothing size for 11 year old boy?

size 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000\

What should an 11 year old do for her birthday?

I think an 11 year old should go to the movies with her/ his bestfriends.

What size shoe does the average 11 year old shoe size?

so i was 11 wearing size 12

What is the normal bra size for an 11 year old?

There is no normal bra size for an 11 year old. Since your body is changing and developing , any bra size you are now is okay.

What bra size should a 11 year old girl be?

There is no particular "regular" size. It depends on whether or not you have reached puberty, and even then, there is no specifically "correct" size. Many 11 year olds are not even in need of this type of undergarment yet.

How tall should an average 11 year old be?

An average 11 year old should be at least 4'5 to 4'11.

What is the bra size for a 12 year old girl?

I'm an 11 year old and I wear the bra size 32A but it really depends on the person. I am guessing you should wear a 32 or a 34, anything slightly different is fine. i am 11 and i am a 32A too.This is about average.But for a 12 year old i think it is about a 34A.

What should a 11 year old girl get a 11 year old boy?

a cute "me to you" bear:)!