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To better use the grindstone you need better smithing skills.

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Q: What skill do you need for grindstone on the game Skyrim?
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What is the grindstone you need to keep your nose to?

The grindstone stands for work.

How do you decapitate someone in skyrim?

To decapitate someone in Skyrim you need the necessary perk from either 1 handed or 2 handed weapon tree(s). Salvage strike from 1 handed (50 skill) OR devastating blow for 2 handed (50 skill).

Do you need to buy skyrim from steam to get mods from the steam workshop?

You don't need to buy Skyrim from Steam, but it does need to be linked to your Steam account (by registering the serial code you should have got with the game).

Why do Tom and Huck need a grindstone?

To build a house

Where do you get the daedric armor in Skyrim?

You make it yourself once you reach skill level 90 on Smithing. You need Ebony Ore and Daedra Hearts.

How do you make skooma on Skyrim?

There is no in-game recipe for Skooma. You just have to find it ready made if you need it.

Do you need a gold membership to play Skyrim?

No, you only need a gold membership if you want to talk to your friends while playing the game.

Do you have to have Skyrim on the PC to get dawnguard?

Dawnguard is basically an expansion pack for skyrim. like all expansion packs, it requires the base game to play. So on a PC (and any other gaming device) you need skyrim first and then you can install dawnguard.

IN Rachet and Clank Going Cammando how do you get skill points?

Do out of the ordinary things in the game. When you do them you get the skill point. The name will help you with what you need to do. Get Skill points to unlock cheats.

Do you have to have skill to play soccer?

The truth is that you do not need skill to play soccer because its a very simple game to learn. It's actually like basketball, it has defenders and everything. But it is true that you do not need skill to play soccer.

How can you get guns on elder scrolls 5 skyrim?

You need to install a mod, user-made content where someone has added them into the game.

Do you need to pay monthly for Skyrim?


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