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nothing actually...they dont do anything relevant to any life form

Actually, you have to be skilled in a lot of things. Calculus, Biology, statistics, programming, and many others. You also have to be physically fit. This is not a career for lazy bums.

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Q: What skills are required for marine biologist?
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What skills are required to be a marine biologist?

pot and bubble gum

What kind of PHD does a marine biologist have to have?

A PhD is not necessarily required in order to be a marine biologist.

What is basic skills of marine biologist?

well i am asking u

Studies life forms found in the ocean?

marine biologist

Is a marine biologist and a fishery biologist the same?

A marine biologist

What do you need to become a marine biologist?

A Ph. D in college.ewarman@att.netYou Need. Strength.Patience.Practice.Science Skills. Math Skills

What type of aditional training is required for marine biologist?

A Master's Degree is the accepted standard.

Who studies the life forms in the ocean?

a marine biologist

Studies the life forms in the ocean?

A Marine Biologist

Is there a marine biologist classes in Arkansas?

Is there classes in Arkansas for marine biologist?

Who study acquatic life in the sea?

marine biologist

Why did you choose to be a Marine Biologist?

I want to be a marine biologist because the marine life is a beautiful creation!