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Q: What skills do you possess that will be beneficial to our students in the classroom?
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How would you address a wide range of skills in your classroom?

It is not easy to teach a class of students which a wide range of skills and abilities. Sometimes, grouping students according to similar skills can be helpful. You can then work in small groups with the students.

What games can you play in classroom involving all the students? or any other game that involves school lectures and good memory skills.

Teaching as an art?

Teaching is not just a matter of conveying information to students. Rather, teaching is an art. It requires making the information fun and interactive, holding students' attention, and exceptional classroom management skills.

Should special education students be in classes with regular students?

Yes, this is called mainstreaming. Not only does the special needs child learn skills in a mainstreamed classroom, but so do the other members of the class. In most cases the special needs child only spends a few hours in the regular classroom and then goes to a special education teacher for the rest of the day. As a classroom teacher I have always opened my room to special needs students because I think all benefit from the experience.

Where is the best place to learn the technical skills I need for my career?

Your skill level and your motivation level will determine whether an online course is right for you. If you are not very technical it may be beneficial to take classses in a classroom with an instructor.

What has the author Christopher John Cuthbertson written?

Christopher John Cuthbertson has written: 'Developing vocalising skills in the primary E.S.L. classroom' 'E.S.L. students in middle school mainstream classes'

What skills did railroad workers in the late 1800's have to possess?

good skills

A sentence with the word possess?

Unfortunately John did not possess the necessary skills to complete the task on his own.

How are humans relations and interpersonal skills practiced in classroom?

Teaching itself is a human relation, because it requires identifying learning styles and effectively presenting information. Interpersonal skills are key to understanding a student's needs.

What tranferable skills do you need to possess in order to become a doctor?

Perhaps the most important transferable skills you need to possess in order to become a doctor are learning how to interact with patients. Communication skills are key.

Describe all additional skill you possess?

I dont think the internet can tell u the skills that you possess.

What are managerial competencies?

There are three essential skills or competencies a manager should possess. They are technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills.