What so katydids eat?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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i think they are omnivores eating live animals or dead and thay eat plants

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Q: What so katydids eat?
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Do katydids eat other katydids?

yes but only when there dead

Will katydids eat strawberries?

Yes, katydids eat strawberries.Specifically, most katydids follow a diet of plant parts: bark, flowers, fruit, leaves, and seeds. Some may add occasional or periodic preying upon caterpillars, eggs, frogs and snails. Others may go so far as to cannibalize other katydids or to chase down small mice and snakes.

Do katydids eat warts?

yes infact they eat pimpels and zits

Do Katydids drink anything?

they get the juices from the plants that they eat

Are katydid omnivores?

Katydids are generally herbivores. They eat flower petals, stems, fruit, leaves and pollen. A few species of katydids will eat other insects.

What fruits and vegetables do katydids eat?

leafy vegetables and apple slices

What do greater angel-wing katydids eat?

they eat coffee, garden beans and mango eat overs if they are dead.

Are katydids venomous?

No. Katydids are not venomous.

Do crickets have crickets or does katydids have crickets?

crickets have crickets and katydids have katydids


i think they are omnivores eating live animals or dead and thay eat plants

Can bearded dragons eat katydids are they poisonous?

First off, you question has awful grammer. Im not sure if you are asking if the dragon is poisonous or the katydids, but I'm going to assume you are talking about the dragon. Yes, it is poisonous.

What do katydids eat?

In the wild Katydids will normally eat the leaves from willow, rosewood and citrus trees. They are mostly herbivorous, so will consume most foliage, including flower petals, stems, fruit from trees, crops, and even weeds. They may also eat nectar and pollen at times too. Some katydids have been known to prey on other insects, although this isn't common.