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a bomb squid

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A bomb squid

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Q: What so you get when you cross a swat team with an octopus?
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Why was swat made?

the swat was made because the police could not handle the amount of terorists .so they made the swat team . the swat was made to rescue hostages.

What is a octopus male called?

what is a male octopus called

Can you do swat missions in GTA IV?

the vigilante missions and swat missions are one and the same,so you can't.

Help on how to become a swat team member?

First off the requirements for joining SWAT is different in every area so check with your local police department. Generally you must first become a Police Officer for 3-5 years.Then when a position on SWAT opens up you can apply. Once you apply you must pass a number of physical fitness and firearm tests and if all goes well you will be hired as swat.

How strong are octopus?

Octopus tentacles can be so strong they can crush your ribs

How strong are octopus tentacles?

Octopus tentacles can be so strong they can crush your ribs

Who would win a whale or an octopus?

Sperm whales eat octopus so they would win.

What country is a octopus from?

Octoups do not have nationalities! There are octopus in all temperate seas so many countries border on water that are home to octopus

Why does a octopus camouflage and from what?

An octopus camoflagues from its enemie.It does that so the enemie wont eat him up.

Is octopus chordate or non chordate?

The octopus is not a member of phylum Chordata, so it is not a chordate.

Do octopus have beaks?

No, they do not. Some people thing so, but examples show differently. I'm sorry beak fans, but octopus' do NOT have beaks. Acually octopus do have beaks if you go on google there are words from the scientists that octopus do have beaks.

Can an octopus be gay?

I don't think animals care or even know of sexualities, so yes. An octopus can be "gay"

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