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Interesting question. I suppose that Sodium Chloride is a solid substance in it's normal state, as mined in many parts of the world.(common table salt) Mercury is considered to be a metal, and conducts electricity extremely well. Perhaps that is what you were wondering. Perhaps you think it is NOT a metal. I think sodium conducts electricity and is used in Sodium Vapor lights which you often see in city streets. These are just my thoughts . See what others have to say.

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Q: What solid conducts electricity but isn't metal?
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Lithium(Li) or lithos (meaning stone in greek) is an Alkali metal, on which is located on the Periodic Table of Elements in Group I, Row 2. Like all metals Alkali metals are good electrical conductors. Therefore Lithium does conduct Electricity.

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AnswerMercury is one of the basic chemical elements. It is a heavy, silvery metal that is liquid at normal temperatures. AnswerNO, MERCURY IS THE ONLY METAL THAT IS LIQUID AT THE ROOM TEMPERATURE ANSWERYOU TWO ARE BOTH CORRECT SO DONT FIGHT PLZ THIS IS NOT A FIGHTING ROOMNo mercury is a liquid metal and isnt a solid metal even on the periodic table the Hg the chemical symbol for mercury is in blue because its a liquid metal

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Methane is not a metal. It is a hydrocarbon with the chemical formula CH4.

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