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What song did Jimi Hendrix play after Purple Haze at Woodstock?



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* The 'Star Spangled Banner was what Jimi Hendrix played at the Purple Haze at Woodstock. * Hendrix did not play Star Spangled banner he played it after Voodoo Child slight return the song after Purple Haze was a jam called Woodstock Improvisation which led into villa nova junction. * The final song (undocumented by the Woodstock movie) was a version of "Hey Joe". That was the final song of the festival. == == * Here is the list in sequence of what Jimi Hendrix sang at Woodstock in 1969: # Message To Love # Hear My Train A Comin' # Spanish Castle Magic # Red House # Master Mind # Here Comes Your Lover Man # Foxy Lady # Beginning # Izabella # Gypsy Woman # Fire # Voodoo Child (slight return)/Stepping Stone # Star Spangled Banner # Purple Haze # Woodstock Improvisation/Villa nova Junction # Hey Joe