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Smokey Robinson

What song did Michael Jackson sing originally by smokey Robinson?


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January 13, 2014 2:14AM

Michael Jackson sang "who's loving you" by Smokey Robinson.

That answer is only PARTIALLY correct . The song "Who's Loving You" was written by Smokey, but was originally recorded by his group THE MIRACLES....NOT SMOKEY AS A "SOLO" ARTIST. It was on the flip side of their hit "Shop Around", recorded in 1960.

Since THE MIRACLES recorded the original version, the song was later recorded by several other artists....including THE JACKSON FIVE (not just "Michael Jackson", En Vogue, The Temptations, The Supremes,Terence Trent-D'arby, Brenda and The Tabulations, John Farnham, Human Nature, and Michael Bublé.

For more info on this song, check out this link: