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"Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas

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In the 2004 live-action/CGI film "Garfield: The Movie," Garfield and Odie dance to the song "Holla" by Baha Men during the end credits.

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Q: What song does Garfield and Odie dance to in Garfield?
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Do Garfield and Odie get along?

No! Odie loves Garfield but Garfield wants nothing to do with Odie

Dog in Garfield?

Garfield Is A cat :L x

What is the name of the in Garfield?

What character are you asking for? The man is jon arbuckle, the dog's oddie and his teddy bear's pookie.. But still your question isnt clear, dont know what to answer...

In Garfield the movie does Garfield really like Odie?

in the end he find out that he loves Odie

What is the cat's name in Garfield?

Garfield's dog's name is Odie.

Why is odie reffered to as an evil character?

if you mean the one in garfield then the answer is because garfield dosent like him and since garfield is the main charecter, odie is the bad guy (because garfield is a cat but odie is a dog and cats and dogs dont mix well)

What is the name of the dog that is kidnapped in the movie Garfield?

Nermal is the cute little tabby cat that Garfield hates.

What does Odie make Garfield in A Garfield Christmas?

He makes him a backscratcher

Who is Garfield's pooch?


What is the dogs name in the Garfield cartoons?

The dog`s name is Odie.

Who voices Odie from the Garfield show?

Although many people say that in the first 3 "Garfield" comics, the character of Odie is not a dog, but an 8 yr old boy, Created by Jim Davis in 1978, "Garfield" has always featured Odie as a lovable dog.

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