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Thanks to the person who supplied the name of the group. It was the Squirrel Nut zippers. And the lovely song is called "meant to be". Thanks again

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โˆ™ 2009-02-26 00:16:32
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Q: What song is playing at the end of episode 8 Season 1 of Sex in the City?
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She by Suede

What is the song playing on BBC's Accused second season episode 2- Tracy's Story?

The song that is playing on BBC's Accused, Second Season, Episode 2, Tracy's Story is not listed on the IMDB website. One way to get the song title is to do a search of the lyrics that are playing.

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something someone

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The song playing on the season 5 episode 22 when Dean goes to meet Michael and Lucifer is Rock the Ages by Def Leppard.

What is the song playing in viva la bam season 4 episode 4 when they get the wine from castle dracula?

the song isThe Ascension by Bloodbathtrust me, I heard this song before I saw the episode.

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If your talking about the song at the end then that is a song by Paul Taneja called City Lights.

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World is falling by E40

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