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Pi Kappa Alpha (F)Alpha Phi (S)Alpha Kappa Alpha (S)Lambda Upsilon Lambda (F)Alpha Phi Omega (Co Ed)Kappa Delta Rho (F)Alpha Xi Delta (S)Alpha Phi Alpha (F)Mu Sigma Upsilon (S)Alpha Kappa Psi (Co Ed)Lambda Chi Alpha (F)Pi Beta Phi (S)Delta Sigma Theta (S)Sigma Lambda Upsilon (S)Theta Tau (Co Ed)Phi Kappa Tau (F)Delta Zeta (S)Iota Phi Theta (F)

Gamma Sigma Sigma (S)Sigma Nu (F)Zeta Tau Alpha (S)Kappa Alpha Psi (F)

Sigma Alpha Iota (F)

Sigma Pi (F)

Omega Psi Phi (F)

Sigma Phi Epsilon (F)

Phi Beta Sigma (F)

Tau Kappa Epsilon (F)

Sigma Gamma Rho (S)

Theta Chi (F)

Zeta Phi Beta (S)

Kappa Sigma (F)

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Q: What sororities does Old dominion university?
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When was Old Dominion University created?

Old Dominion University was created in 1930.

Where is old dominion?

Old Dominion, the university, is located in Norfolk VA. the campus is very close to another university, Norfolk State University.

What is Old Dominion University's motto?

The motto of Virginia Military Institute is 'Cōnsiliō et Animīs'.

When was Old Dominion University founded?

The Location of the Academic University known as Old Dominion University, is located in Norfolk Virginia. It is based in a largely metropolitan area and has seen much expansion in recent years.

Does Old Dominion University have Kappa Alpha psi?

there coming

What college did Justin verlander attend?

Old Dominion University.

What certificate programs are offered at Old Dominion University?

Old Dominion University offers many classes in a wide array of fields. It is best to consult with them in order to get the list of certificate programs they offer.

Where to look for a house to rent near the old dominion university campus?

Goto or call 757-675-6500 for the largest selection of houses or apartments at the best prices and closet to Old Dominion University.

What sororities are at Liberty University?

they don't offer fraternities or sororities at Liberty, unfortunately

Does Academy of Art University have sororities?

Academy of Art University does not have any student employment activities so it has no sororities or fraternities

What is the distance between old dominion university to Washington DC?

The distance from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia to Washington DC is 193.2 miles. The driving time is 3 hours 7 minutes to 3 hours 11 minutes.

How many students attend Old Dominion University?

In-state tuition is $7708 while out state is $21148.