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Sigma Sigma Sigma

Chi Omega

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Tau

Sigma Gamma Rho (Currently no members)

Zeta Phi Beta

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Q: What sororities does emporia state university have?
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Where is Emporia State University located?

Emporia State University was created in 1863.

Where is Emporia State University?

Emporia State University is located in the state of Kansas.

Where is the Emporia State University in Emporia Kansas located?

The address of the Emporia State University is: 1200 Commercial St, Emporia, KS 66801-5057

Does Emporia State University have sororities?

Sigma Sigma Sigma Chi Omega Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Tau Sigma Gamma Rho (Currently no members) Zeta Phi Beta

What are the high requirements at Emporia State University?

The admissions requirements for incoming freshmen entering Emporia State University are listed at the webpage below. The requirements for certain programs and online degrees may differ from these requirements.

What are Emporia State University's 25th-75th percentile ACT scores?

Emporia State University's 2014 25th-75th percentile ACT scores are 19-24 on the English section, 19-25 on the Math section, and 20-25 Composite.

Does Florida State University have fraternities and sororities?

Yes. There is a very active fraternity and sorority life at Florida State. You can learn about which fraternities and sororities are on campus at

Does Ohio state university have any sororities or fraternities?

Yes! Ohio State University has many sororities and fraternities to chose from. But there certain things that must be done to get in and stay in a sorority or a fraternity such as, G.P.A.,volunteer work,and much more.

The Human Blunder Leon Lett was from what small college in the Midwest?

Emporia State Emporia State

Where did Leon Lett formerly of the Dallas Cowboys go to college?

Leon Lett attended Emporia State University in Kansas.

What sororities are at Liberty University?

they don't offer fraternities or sororities at Liberty, unfortunately

Does Academy of Art University have sororities?

Academy of Art University does not have any student employment activities so it has no sororities or fraternities