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Normally, a cactus will thrive in a hot and dry environment, but can be found in humid areas also.

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What are Plants that live in a dry environment?


How does the cactus wren adpated to its environment?

it has spike so it it will live longer...

What sort of environment does a micro pig live in?

A micro pig lives in the same environment that we live in.

What sort of environment did the Mayans live in?

they lived in a very warm environment

In what sort of environment can a rooster live in?


What is the environment of the cactus?

Cacti live in the desert, grasslands and even in the rain forest.

What sort of environment does a water louse live in?

erm... the water?

What animal lives in the same environment as the cactus?

Well there are alot of animals that live in the desert but a camel is one

Where do saguaro cactus live?

where do saguaro cactus live

Were do wolves live in the world?

Alaska, Canada (countries with that sort of environment).

Are cactus animals or plants?

The cactus is a plant that usually thrives in a dry environment.

How does a cactus adapt in its environment?

By transprirationing.

Where do cactus plants live?

The cactus plants live in any Desert area. But sometimes it depends on the type of cactus it is.

What plant or plants can live with no water?

None. There are plants that can live in extremely dry environment but they live by percipitation. They still need moist. Example : cactus and mold (moss ?).

Can you live without a cactus?

Yes, people can live without cactus plants if they're outside the plant's native range in North and Latin America. But no, they can't live without cactus plants if they're within the plants' native ranges. Within desert and jungle America, the cactus plays a key role in the environment. For example, the desert cactus is the main vegetative cover that conserves water, disperses sunlight, holds soil together, and provides color and oxygen in an otherwise drab, dry, extreme, harsh environment. The jungle cactus interacts in mutually beneficial ways with the trees on which it's anchored.

What animals live on a cactus?

no animals dont live on the cactus. cactus are dangerous because it has spikes on it. dont touch the cactus. if you touch it then your finger will bleed and blood. when you keep touching a cactus you die.

Do owls live in cactus?

Yes some species of Owls live in holes in cactus.

What kind of woodpeckers live in a cactus plant?

What kind of woodpeckers live in a cactus plant?

What sort of Environment .ecosystem. does a Giraffe live in?

a giraffe lives in the grasslands

How do adaptations help desert plants live in dry conditions?

Adaption help by making the plant live in their environment. For example say a cactus was living in Antarctica. It would not make an adaption to the environment because it is too cold.

What is a desert plant?

A Cactus is a good example of a desert plant.A desert palnt is any plant that has adapted to live in an arid environment.

How long can a Christmas cactus live?

how long can a Christmas cactus live. our is 58 years old

What countries cactus commonly live in?

cactus live in arizona and dessert areas like in california

What animals and plants live in deserts?

Plants that live in the desert:1)the barrel cactus2)xerophytes (plants that have adapted to the environment)Animals that live in the desert:1)sand cat2)camel3)dingo3)kangaroo rat4)gila monsterCactus and camels.

What sort of habitat do native birds live in?

The habitat of a native bird is the type of environment it is in at the time