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Q: What source contains basic information about various subjects?
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What is the most useful source?

contains information related to the subject.

How does books help as source of information?

Books contains a lot of textual information related to a particular topic, it acts as the vast source of information. webmaster at

Which field contains the information on the program or component that created the event?


Why is The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania an example of a Primary Source?

It contains information about the history of Pennsylvania

What is found on a datalink layer header?

The data link layer header contains the destination and source of information of the original frame and device sending information. You will also find that it contains the information of the device to receive it.

What does the oasis have?

An oasis in the middle of the desert. It contains a water source, animals such as lizards and birds, and various plants and trees.

What contains coded information inside the nucleus?

the source of all coded information can be found in DNA. DNA is composed of amino acids.

In mail merge which type of file contains information that varies for each individual item?

data source

What is the definition of Non-credible Website?

Is based on opinion, a biased source and contains little actual information or facts

Where can I find information on the IRS Fast Track taxpayer settlement program?

You can find information about the IRS Fast Track Settlement program from a number of sources. The best source is, of course, the IRS at For other, reputable sources of information on the settlement program, you should check with individual attorneys that specialize in tax law. Oftentimes, attorneys put out their own white papers or blogs filled with information on various subjects.

What is an Information Source?

information source

Where can one find information on getting clerical jobs?

There are various places to obtain information on getting a clerical job. The most reliable source of information can be retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.