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Neil Armstrong has never flown on a space shuttle mission.

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Q: What space shuttle did Neil Armstrong fly on?
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Who is the most famous astronaut to fly a real rocket?

Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space) and Neil Armstrong (the first man to step on the moon).

Where did Neil Armstrong fly to the moon?

he is fly the moon from londan

What did Neil Armstrong see or do?

Neil Armstrong was first to fly to the moon. He won the race to the moon for America.

Which space shuttle exploded in 2003?

The Space Shuttle Columbia. It was the first shuttle to fly into space in 1981.

What space shuttle did not fly in space?

Space Shuttle Enterprise did not fly in space, it was only a mock-up used for aerodynamics and gliding tests.

Why was Neil Armstrong selected to be an astronaut?

Neil Armstrong met all the requirements and had a desire to fly in space. Because of his work on the X-15 program Neil was actually the only Apollo-era astronaut to have his astronaut pin before joining NASA.

What do astronomers fly to space in?

a space shuttle.

Who did Neil Armstrong fly with on his first space flight?

David R Scott was in the Gemini VIII capsule along side Neil Armstrong. Scott, like Armstrong went on to command an Apollo mission, and walk on the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission.

Why was neil Armstrong going to the moon?

As Neil Armstrong was chosen as a astronaut by N.A.S.A, he was then selected to fly to the moon in the Apollo 11.

Which shuttle will fly the last mission?

Space Shuttle Discovery.

Does the space shuttle fly in space?

yes it does stupid

Was Neil Armstrong the first to fly a rocket to the moon?