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The correct spark plug gap for a 1994 Nissan Pickup is .044" if you have the 4 cylinder, and .032" if you have the V6.

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Q: What spark plug fits a 1994 Nissan pickup?
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Other then a1985 Nissan pickup what other year Nissan pickup fits this motor?

84 and 86.not the 86.5

What size socket fits a Toyota 22re spark plug.?

Spark plugs use SAE and not Metric. The one that fits it is the one that fits it.

What size tool fits transmission filler plugs on 1994 Toyota pickup 5 speed manual transmission?

21mm socket or wrench

Where is a 1994 4wd Nissan Pathfiner starter located?

Just follow the positive cable from the battery. It will end at the starter where it fits into the flywheel housing.

What size truck cap fits an 85 Nissan pickup?

any 2nd gen cab will fit, years between 1983 and 1986, the 85 and 86 are the exact same body style.

When did Straitjacket Fits end?

Straitjacket Fits ended in 1994.

What does a purolator L14612 fit?

It fits the Nissan Versa 1.8L

Will a 1985 Nissan standert transmission fit in a 1990 Nissan 4wd pick up truck?

no only fits 84,85

What size socket fits a D8EA- NGK spark plug?


What spark plug fits a Tecumseh 156cc lawnmower?

Chanpion RJ19LM

What size door speaker is in a 2006 Nissan Altima?

a 6 1/2 speaker fits in the door of a 2006 nissan altima

Will 22 x 8.5 inch rims fit on Nissan maxima?

yes it will it fits on my 2008 Nissan altima it will fit on yours.

What manual transmission fits a vq35de?

nissan fairlady z33 manual gearbox.

What is the maximum rim size that fits a stock Nissan Titan 2005?


What size Spark plug fits a 7hp Tecumseh engine?

Champion J8C

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What size of spark plug fits a 6 hp Tecumseh h60?


What are the release dates for Weird Science - 1994 One Size Fits All 1-8?

Weird Science - 1994 One Size Fits All 1-8 was released on: USA: 30 April 1994

How to change a Nissan almera pollen filter?

Remove the glove box, it fits behind there.

What size spark plug fits 6.5 hp Tecumseh engine?

Autolite 258

What size socket fits a DPR6EA-9 NGK spark plug?

18 mm

How do you remove a spark plug for a Toro model 71191?

Get a spark plug socket and wrench that fits the plug body and remove it by turning counter-clockwise.

What champion spark plug fits a model 15C100 Briggs and stratton engine?

what is the champion cross reference for a briggs and stratton spark plug 691043

Where are the spark plugs located in citroen Picasso 1.8 16v?

Spark plugs are hidden under the plastic engine cover. You have to remove the ignition module as well which fits over the four spark plugs.

What size speaker fits the door of 2007 Nissan sentra?

6 by 9 front door