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Blueberry CareI have two blueberry plants. When I went to the green house to buy them, they told me that I would need 2 blueberry plants so they could cross pollinate each other and would be able to produce blueberries. I planted them close together, the first year they did not produce a lot of blueberries, but that is normal, but each year that passes by they produce more and more blueberries. In the fall time, you need to let the leaves that fall near them to stay near the plant, to protect them from the winter weather. In the spring after the last hard frost, you need to remove the leaves from around them. Now to keep birds from eating your blueberries, the lady that worked at the green house said that I should place some old CD's in the ground near the plants. The birds can't stand the bright light that is given off by the CD's. I have never had any birds eat my blueberries.

you also need to watch the pH, blueberrys need a very acid soil.

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Q: What special care does it take to grow blueberries?
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