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Blueberry CareI have two blueberry plants. When I went to the green house to buy them, they told me that I would need 2 blueberry plants so they could cross pollinate each other and would be able to produce blueberries. I planted them close together, the first year they did not produce a lot of blueberries, but that is normal, but each year that passes by they produce more and more blueberries. In the fall time, you need to let the leaves that fall near them to stay near the plant, to protect them from the winter weather. In the spring after the last hard frost, you need to remove the leaves from around them. Now to keep birds from eating your blueberries, the lady that worked at the green house said that I should place some old CD's in the ground near the plants. The birds can't stand the bright light that is given off by the CD's. I have never had any birds eat my blueberries.

you also need to watch the pH, blueberrys need a very acid soil.

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Is it possible to grow blueberries in pots on a patio?

yes if the pots are big enough and you take good care of them

Can you grow blueberries from blueberries?

Yes you have to take a dried blueberry and plant it, water it regularly, and then you can watch it grow!!

How long does it take for blueberries to grow?

3 days

How do you grow blueberries?

This is how I grow them I take a dried up blueberry and put it in the ground and water it and take care of it and then I watch it grow. Make sure it gets plenty of sun and water or it will go bye bye(It will die). P.s Candace wrote this answer

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We grow apples, peaches, plums, oranges, grapefruit, pears, strawberries, blueberries, etc....(and you really need to take some grammar classes)

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Why do plants grow and grow?

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How long till your crops wilt on Smurfs' Village app?

It takes as long as it takes to grow them, with the exception of blueberries which take five minutes to wilt.

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How to Plant and Care for Blueberries?

Growing blueberries is a great addition to any garden, and they can be fun to grow. Blueberfies are sweet, yet have a bit of tartness to them, which makes them perfect for pies, desserts, cakes and even just to have as a snack. Learning about blueberries is the first step to yielding a fabulous crop of them. Different Blueberries If this is your first time growing blueberries, you will want to pick a kind that is not hard to grow. Two types are known as Bluecrop and Bluejay. These blueberries are resistant to disease, grow well and will generally yield a large, healthy crop. Talk to your local gardening shop if you need first-hand experience. The Best Conditions When growing blueberries, you will want to have test kits for soil on hand. Blueberry plants like a certain soil, and you will want to make sure that you can give the plant what it needs to grow. Blueberries need acidic and well-drained soil in order to grow the best. Large amounts of organic matter will also help the berries grow strong. Go online or to any garden shop to look for test kits to test the soil that you will be planting the berries in. How to Plant If your ground is sandy, add organic material to within a depth of a foot. The hole itself should be roughly six inches deep. The compost, or even peat moss, will help your blueberries grow better and produce more. Once you have planted your berries, you will want to ensure their survival and strong growth. Fertilization is important in this instance, one that may be overlooked by many. However, blueberries can be sensitive to nitrogen, so be sure to not give them too much fertilizer. The first application should be done around eight weeks from the day the plants were planted in the ground. Remember, blueberries need full sun to grow their best. It generally take about two to five weeks for blueberries to ripen enough for picking. If they are too sour, let them ripen longer. Enjoy your fruit!

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