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Q: What species are negatively affected by aquaculture?
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Children are usually not affected negatively by a large population.?

Children are usually not affected negatively by a large population

Children are usually not affected negatively by a large population?

Children are usually not affected negatively by a large population

Which group tends to be negatively affected by eminent domain laws?

The general public is the group that tends to be negatively affected by eminent domain laws.

How would the introduction of an organism that occupies the same niche as an organism already present affect an organism?

It would depend completely on the types of species in question. Some possible effects could be: 1) Mutualism --> both benefit from one other. 2) Predation --> one species benefits while the other suffers. 3) Neutralism --> despite interaction, there is no overall affect on either species. 4) Competition --> both species are negatively affected by the other. 5) Commensalism --> one species benefits while the other is unaffected. 6) Amensalism --> one species is negatively affected and the other is not affected.

How would the population of animals in a prairie community be affected if one is a overhunter?

The population of animals in a prairie community would be negatively affected if one is over hunted because it would change the populations of the other species. This makes the ecosystem unbalanced.

How were people affected negatively by the Holocaust?

Over 6 million Jews and other peoples were killed and I think that would negatively affect anyone. This does not even include all the friends and family of the people killed that were negatively affected by the holocaust.

How does the advancement of communication affect us both negatively and positively?

communication has affected us negatively and positively. The way it has affected us negatively is by it can get mixed up while being sent. The way it has affected us positively is by the way it it faster

How is animal life affected by deforestation?

Animal life is negatively affected by deforestation.

A dam is removed upriver from a wetland causing the river to bring much more freshwater to the wetland. What types of species in the wetland would be most negatively affected by this ch?

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What is amensalism?

When one species is affected negatively and one is not affected.Amensalism an ecological study which states that when an organism is benifiting but none is affected nor benefiting but just steady

What causes water to be affected negatively?


Why are goldfish important to the world?

Their importance is they are popular as an ornamental species, for aquariums and fish ponds for aquaculture. Also, used as food for other species, or as bait.

What is another word for badly affected?

negatively impacted

Are children usually affected negatively by a large population?


What group of people was most negatively affected by Jackson's presidency?


Is seafood grown with aquaculture?

Some seafood can be grown using aquaculture. For example, many species of fresh and salt water fish can be grown this way. Salmon is certainly one type, and can be raised either at in salt or fresh water. Shrimp of different species are also grown in fresh or salt water, depending on their needs. Catfish are grown in fresh water, as are crayfish. Mussels are grown in salt water by allowing them to attach to ropes, then lowering the ropes into places in the sea where they can get food and be harvested easily. Many other species can be grown with aquaculture. I suppose there are probably many species that cannot be grown this way profitably, and there are quite probably some that cannot be grown with aquaculture at all.

How has the increase of technology affected the way we communicate?

Person to Person, it has affected negatively. For distance, cost, and time it has positively affected the way we communicate.

How have Jamaicans affected the history of New York City?


At what noise level is your hearing negatively affected?

85 decibels

How have humans negatively affected a forest ecosystem?

idont know

What country was most negatively affected by conflict diamonds?


Which creation of the Second Industrial Revolution negatively affected skilled workers?


Are there any particular species that are affected by the oil industry?

Well there were several species that were affected like the herring gull and a few species of fish that came up to the surface but there was no inparticular species of fish or bird affected

Which species are isoelectronic with nitride ion?

Doubly negatively charged oxide ions, singly negatively charged fluoride ions, and neon atoms are isoelectronic with triply negatively charged nitride ions.

How did the reformation affected the church positively and negatively?

with Martin Luther's Nipples