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homo sapiens sapiens

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Q: What species do modern human beings fall into?
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In things fall apart how do the spirit dancers address human beings?

The spirits address human beings as bodies. For example: "Uzowulu's body, I salute you."

What is an organism of many cells?

Such organisms are said to be multicellular. Human beings fall under that category.

According to the story of the Fall who is responsible for suffering and injustice in the world God or human beings?

Adam and Eve

Would dogs fall under biodiversity?

Yes they would. Biodiversity is all a pyramid of living things. We human beings are also in biodiversity.

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Yes they do. It is inevitable when there is a strong chemistry between two human beings. But it can ruin your life. Don't fall for it non matter how hard it hurts.

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Kinda-sorta. New elements have been created using particle accelerometers, but they haven't been stable, and fall apart quickly.

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There's really no measuring how much a person can fall in love as love is a very strong emotion that goes very deep and makes human beings do things normally seen as crazy, impossible, silly, irrational, and so on.

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Most likely it is the ever hopeful need that we as human beings often fall prey to: To not be alone....

Can Titan 11 nuclear warheads cause ionizing radiation?

Yes, the Titan 11 warheads can cause ionizing radiation. They fall under the category of nuclear weapons which have an adverse effect to the health of human beings.?æ

What species do humans fall into?

Humans fall under the category of 'mammals'