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What species is a cobra?

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Cobras are bot a single species. There are around 30 different species of snake that can be called cobras. All are members of the elapid family.

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how many species of cobra are there

Some species of Cobra are: * King cobra * Spitting cobra * Burrowing cobra * American cobra or eastern coral snake

Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobraare the different spitting cobra species

There are about 20 species of cobra!! There are well over 30 species of cobra!!

There is more than one genus and species of cobra. Answer Multiple species of cobra Some genera are NajaOphiophagus

There are 12 species of cobra.

A king cobra is one of the species of the snake family, all of which are reptilian animals.

Cobra is a reptile and one of the most dangerous species of the snakes.

yes, absolutely. every single species of cobra is venomous.

5. They are:Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobra

The King Cobra is Ophiophagus hannah. There are several species of cobra in the genus Naja, such as Naja haje.

Generally all cobra species care for their young.

There are many species of cobra.Examples are:Ophiophagus hannahNaja haje

The Egyptian cobra is also known as Naja haje. Hope this is what you meant =)

The spitting cobra is not an endangered species, according to sources at the San Diego Zoo. The population of these snakes is large and appears to be stable.

The Egyptian cobra (Naja haje) is a species in the genus Naja found in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the largest Naja species in Africa.

There are several species of spitting cobras, the King Cobra is not one of them. Black-Necked Spitting Cobra Black Spitting Cobra Western Barred Spitting Cobra Red Spitting Cobra Mozambique Spitting Cobra Malaysian Spitting Cobra Black and White Spitting Cobra Sumatran Spitting Cobra Nubian Spitting Cobra

This species is the most common cobra of the savanna regions of the tropical and subtropical Africa

The Indian Cobra and the King Cobra are not the same species, but they both belong to the Elpidae (Elapid) family. Despite their name the Indian Cobra and the King Cobra are not as closely related as one might expect. The genus, Naja, contains what the majority of the population on earth call 'cobras'. The King Cobra does not belong to the Naja genus. It belongs to a different genus. The Indian Cobra on the other hand stays to true to it's name and is a species in the Naja genus.

Yes. The King Cobra is an endangered species.

Over 50 species of viper in Africa, one of them is a cobra.

Yes. The King Cobra is known to eat Rat snakes and other snake species in the wild.

The potency of snake venom varies between species. Some species like the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) death is almost inevitable. Other species are much less dangerous. For species like the Red Spitting Cobra (naja pallida) have a much lesser chance of killing somebody due to the fact that the blind humans by spitting poison instead of biting them.

The Egyptian Cobra and a number of viper species.

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