Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

What species of zebras are endangered?

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Burchell's and Gravy's

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Are zebras endangered species?

The Mountain Zebras are endangered, there are only 2,500 left in the world.

When was the zebra put on the endangered species list?

There are 3 species of Zebras.The Plains Zebra - It is not endangeredGrevy's Zebra - It is in endangered stateMountain Zebra - It is in vulnerable stateThese species were put in the endangered list in the past decade.

Are zebras endangered why?

Zebras are not endangered people i mean come on

Were zebras endangered in the past?

Yes zebras were endangered in the past

Is it legal to own a zebra tail in the US?

It is perfectly legal. Zebras are not an endangered species.

Why are zebras endangered?

Zebras are endangered because of poaching and habitat destruction.

Why do people save the Cape Mountain zebras?

Because this specific species of zebra is an endangered animal

How many mountain zebras are there left in the world?

there are around 600-700 Mountain Zebras in the world. I just did a report on endangered species and chose this rare animal

Are donkeys endangered?

Are Donkeys And Zebras Endangered /

What are the names of endangered list?

Polar bears, giant pandas, rhinos, and snow leopards are on the endangered species list. Other animals on the endangered list that people find unexpected are zebras, peacocks, and the Ugandan Giraffe. The polar bear is not an endangered species, but listed as vulnerable.

Are zebras endanegered?

Grevy's zebra and the Cape Mountain zebra are endangered species, but the Plains zebra has a viable population.

Why are Zebras being endangered?

no there are millions of them so they are not endangered.

What endangered species live in Florida?

There are many different species that are endangered in Florida. 8 species of ammphibians endangered 1 species of arachnids endangered 23 species of birds endangered 11 species of clams endangered 8 species of coralsm jellyfish and sea anemones endangered 25 species of crustaceans endangered 33 species of fishes endangered 18 species of insects endangered 15 species of mammals endangered 53 species of plants endangered 9 species of reptiles endangered 13 species of snails endangered

How many kinds of breeds are there of zebras?

Zebras are defined as a species, not a breed. There are around three species of Zebras that live in Africa.

Are grevys zebras endangered?

According to IUCN Red list they are endangered.

Are bats endangered species?

Some species of bat are endangered. Some species of bat are endangered. Some species of bat are endangered.

Why are the Cape Mountain Zebras endangered?

The reason why Cape Mountain zebras are endangered is because of ranching and farming....... there are about 600-700 left in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the crow an Endangered Species?

No, it is not an endangered species

How can zebras become endangered?

tell me or else

When did mountain zebras become endangered?


How do endangered zebras survive?

they adapt to their ecosystem

When were the mountain zebras listed as endangered?


How many of the endangered zebras are left?


When will zebras be extinct?

As of 2014, zebras are in no danger of becoming extinct. They are not even considered endangered at this time.

Are Emperor penguins endangered species?

No, they are not endangered species.

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