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Cannibalism is virtually nonexistent in today's world, with only a handful of tribes in certain isolated parts of the globe practicing it. These areas include:

  • New Guinea
  • Amazon rainforest
  • Cameroon
  • Congo

These are the only known regions where cannibalism still occurs. Everywhere else on the planet, it is a condemned practice that is no longer practiced.

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Jermaine Romaguera

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2023-01-03 22:09:17
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Daniel James

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2023-05-14 23:59:34

A: It's near impossible to pinpoint a single corner of the globe that does not harbor cannibals since the act has been recorded in various cultures and regions spanning the course of history. While cannibalism was once a cultural norm in some societies, it is widely recognized today as a taboo and illegal practice. In fact, many countries have implemented laws to prevent and punish such activity. It's safe to conclude that cannibalism is not a prevalent or tolerated behavior in any specific part of the world in contemporary times.

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Q: What specific section of the world do cannibals do not live?
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