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17,500 miles per hour puts the shuttle in orbit. BUT the gravity is still there. I'm fact there is about 90% of the gravity while the shuttle is on the ground. That great rate of speed is required to keep the shuttle from falling back to earth. At that speed the shuttle is basically falling around the planet.

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Q: What speed does the space shuttle have to reach to escape earths gravity?
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How do you beat gravity on Earth?

To overcome gravity, you must reach "Escape Velocity" to overcome gravity and escape a planet's orbit.

Is capable of NASA space shuttle reach escape velocity from the Earth?


How long does the shuttle take to reach zero gravity?

about 8 minutes after launch

To escape from a planets gravity an object must reach a speed called the?

Escape Velocity

Why must a spacecraft reach escape velocity to be able to go to space?

A rocket needs to travel at 7 miles-per-second or about 25,000-miles-per-hour to leave the pull of earth's gravitational force, and reach outer space. This speed is known as escape velocity.

To reach outer space rockets must escape what force?


How is the force of earths gravity overcome when an object is launched into space?

When on Earth, you can escape if you move away from the Earth at the "escape" speed. Gravity will slow you down and you will reach zero speed at an infinite distance.

How long would it take the current space shuttle to go 10000 light years?

I frankly doubt the actual shuttle design allows it to reach escape velocity enough to leave Earth's gravitational well, leave alone the possibility to escape Solar system.

How long would a car take to reach outer space?

It would never reach. Cars go to slow to break the gravity barrier. To escape Earth's gravity and reach space, one needs to travel at a speed of about 11.2 km/s

Time it takes to get to Jupiter in a space shuttle?

You can't get to Jupiter using the Space Shuttle. The Shuttle is not designed to leave Earth's orbit (it doesn't have the thrust to reach Earth's escape velocity) and in fact flies at quite a low altitude compared to other satellites out there.

What may happen to a rocket which rises from the earth never attains escape velocity?

A rocket that doesn't reach "escape velocity" will be overcome by gravity and will be pulled back down to Earth. Also, rockets which go into orbit have not reached escape velocity. Escape velocity is what is needed to completely leave earth's gravity well.

With the right ramp and a motorcycle could you reach escape velocity on the Moon?

Your motorcycle would have to reach 5300 MPH to escape the moon's gravity. It's doubtful that a real world motorcycle, even rocket propelled could do this with a human sitting on it.