What spider has a black body and a white butt?


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A white tail spider fits the discription. Where do you live?

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A jumping spider has a white dot on its back.

A North American Johnson jumping spider

I believe it is a type of jeweled spider.

# i don,t know i just fond a red spider with a black butt and black tips on feet and black fangs let me know if you find out

um..hmm..are you thinking of a black wido i hate those things

I think its a Red Back spider cause i have seen one


There are not any ant that are black with white stripes on its butt. Ants are traditionally all black, and there are some brown ants, as well.

No she is white! Although she does have the butt of a black woman

The black carpenter ant has a black body and a red butt. Carpenter ants dwell in Ares with moisture such as vents, gutters, and windows.

it is white and black with a vortex of pink

This is probably a Red-Backed Jumping Spider. The male has a black body with a bright red abdomen. The female is the same, but the red abdomen has a black stripe. They're found all over the United States. If you want pictures of them, you can find them online at http://kaweahoaks.com/html/spi_phidippus_johnsoni.html.

I think I may have seen a similar spider today. The "butt" of the spider was quite large, burnt orange color with white spots on the top. I have never seen the spider before but I think I found a picture of it online. I haven't found the name of it yet. I'll let you know when I find out what it was. I may have found the spider you saw. The one I saw is called a shamrock orb weaver. Check out the pic on spiderzrule.com under the link Common US Spiders on the home page.

A spider has two sections, the head and the cephalathorax (seen as "the butt" of the spider). On a bug there would normally be three sections: the head, abdomen, and thorax.

It is called the Parson spider. It isn't poisonous but some get allergic reactions to its bite. If you find one, don't kill it, just put it outside.

I'm trying to figure this out too, today my daughter came screaming out of her room she told me there was a black spider with white stripes on its butt and she wasn't going to go back into her room until i killed it........ You'll have to do a bit more research. If web is spread out and symmetrical, sounds like an orb weaver of some sort. If it's a funnel, then could be a funnel spider. Mine turns out to be a grass spider (more to the name up front, but don't recall). flat web with funnel at end. Just remember, most spiders are helpful. Granted - all of these are rather big and "substantial" looking - but mine turns out harmless. Good luck!

that kind of spider thats what

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