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I believe it is probably the Crab Spider

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Brown spider with 2 front black legs in Ohio?

I am pretty certain that is a variety of the wolf spider. scary as all hell, but completely harmless.

What spider is tan or light brown with black on abdomen and balls in front of fangs found in house.?

I am pretty certain that it is a rare Australian blue cyanide spider

What kind of spider is brown with one yellow stripe on its back?

It is not a brown recluse. I had a spider on my front porch and i researched it and it is a type of wolf spider. But just in case... just leave it alone. If it is in fact a brown recluse or another poisonous spider it can have a nasty bite! Good luck!

What kind of spider has a dark brown abdomen Reddish brown front two legs and light beige bottom also dark brown club like claws like a crab?

A spider that has a dark brown abdomen, with reddish brown legs, and a light beige bottom with dark brown club like claws could be a wolf spider. It could also be a tree spider.

What type of spider is larger than a half dollar and is brown and black stripped front to back?

I dunno, but it sure sounds like that one i splatted in the bathroom the other night!

What spider is brown with large abdomen and yellow striped rear legs and red or orange front 2 legs?

The brown recluse spider has a large abdomen with yellow striped rear legs. It also has red or orange front legs. It is found throughout the central, and midwestern United States.

What spider is black with white spots and orange front legs?

Sounds like a "Spotted Ground Swift Spider"http://www.geocities.com/brisbane_spiders/Corinnidae.htm

What spider has orange legs with black markings on joints and orange spot on its back It's two front legs are black?

It may be a Black and Yellow Argiope, which is a common orb web spider. Follow the related link to see a picture.

How many eyes does a black widow spider have?

A black widow spider has eight eyes. The eyes are located in the front of the head and are arranged in two rows. Black widow spiders are very protective of their egg sacs but rarely bite humans.

Would you rather hold a huge spider or a huge snake?

Spider, at least it would fit into my hand. It doesn't really matter, most spiders and snakes aren't venomous. In fact the most lethal spider known to humans is actually quite small, a black widow, followed by the brown recluse and there is more chance that you'll get hurt sticking your finger in front of an electrical socket than if you stuck your finger in front of a snake.

What spider is shiny black with red spots?

It could be a black widow spider if it is small and thin-legged with a shiny round black abdomen and red markings under it. If it's fuzzy with a red spot on it's back, and the front part of the body is more-or-less the same size as back part, then it's a black jumping spider.

What kind of spider is thin brown has a tan spot on its back and the front legs are long?

If it's pretty small, it could just be a house spider, which are harmless, but if it about the size of a quarter, it could be a brown recluse, whose venom rots flesh. So careful.

What kind of spider has a black and white striped body with two red front legs?

Try out this site: Spiderzrule.com. They have great pictures and descriptions of almost every kind of spider.

What kind of spider has a brown body with white spots on his back and black and cream banded legs?

Could be a marbled brown spider, but so many spiders are brown, spotted, and have cream/black banded legs, it's hard to pin down without seeing a photo of it. I would help tremendously if you would repost your question and tell where you live. What country, what part of the US, that sort of thing. i live in big lake Alaska i found a spider in my kitchen it has a small black front segment approx 4 mm long and approx 2 1/2 mm wide all eight legs and the front two Shorter "leg" or antennae or whatever they are called come off this part of its body the back segment is about the size of a large pea and is brown with approx 10 or so white dots about the size if a tooth pick tip its abdomen is brown with no markings on it the total size including legs is approx the size of a quarter or maybe a little larger its legs are a yellowish white with black or brown bands on them sorry cant be sure of band color

What spiders are posin?

well i know one spider it was in my front yard lukily my freind killed it 3 weeks ago and the date is 9-11-09 the spider is called a garden spider its all black with a yellow disign on it

What are the wiring harness color codes for a 1995 Ford Contour without the factory amp?

*** Without separate amp*** Right Front - Brown/Yellow & White/Black at speakers, Brown/Red & White/Red at unit, respectively; Right Rear - White/Violet & Brown/White at speakers, White & Brown at unit; Left Front - White/Black & Brown/Yellow ; Left Rear - White/Violet & Brown/White

What kind of spider has yellow and black shell kind of thing with horns?

I think I have found the same Spider but can't ID it on the net. It has a smooth shell with two horns, both white on the front and a yellow posterior...

What wires are the positive and negative for a 1997 Honda Civic door speaker?

For the front door speakers in a 1997 Honda Civic, the left front speaker wire (+) is blue and the left front speaker wire (-) is gray/black. For the right side, the front speaker wire (+) is red/green, and the right front speaker wire (-) is brown/black.

What spider has a large brown body with one white stripe?

It may be a Garden orb-weaving spider, "Most are stout, reddish-brown or grey spiders with a leaf-shaped pattern on their fat, roughly triangular abdomens, which also have two noticeable humps towards the front. They sometimes have a dorsal stripe which may be white or brown edged with white." this is the site i found helped me. http://www.amonline.net.au/factSheets/orb_weaving_spiders.htm

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